What is DayDull?

Gaming News, product reviews, tips & tutorials, and maybe even a little life philosophy. DayDull is a source for miscellaneous and very specific niche information on any tech, art, entertainment, and life subjects that interest the author.

  • The author. Artist, designer, and computer guy interested in using daydull.com as a source for sharing otherwise hard-to-find information.
  • Reviews. Detailed product reviews focused on information a moderate to advanced tech-savvy user would desire, but have trouble locating at other sources.
  • Rants. Business, the internet, and maybe even some politics and other random subjects that don’t merit their own category.
  • Tips & Tutorials. While working on different projects, I often come across subjects or problems with no locatable answers elsewhere on the internet. Hopefully they will now be found here.
  • Gaming: bug fixes, strategies, and other interesting information related to video games.

DayDull was started in earnest in 2009. In the middle of that year the website went live and articles began to be written. In early 2010 the graphical elements of the website were updated. In 2017 the website was updated with a visual facelift and to be more mobile friendly.

DayDull’s Youtube Channel

For the past few years I have also been creating gaming related videos on YouTube. Some example videos have been tips and guides on how to locate items, strategies and boss guides, and video content that goes along with written articles for clarification. A small selection of the games covered include Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Dirty Bomb, League of Legends, XCOM 2, Long War 2 and Dead Cells. There will be more video content coming so please Subscribe to the DayDull Youtube Channel!

The Purpose of this Website

The primary purpose of DayDull is to share hard-to-find information through articles, guides, and tutorials. As a largely self-taught web/graphic designer and computer guy, I’ve been frustrated far too many times by not being able to find the specific information I need.  My hopes with this website are that I will be able to share this information with others.

If you happen to benefit from an article here and would like to say thanks, the best ways to do that are to leave a comment or to spread the word about DayDull by sharing links with friends and colleagues on social media. It is also a huge help if you shop on Amazon after using an Amazon link on this site. You can visit the Amazon.com Home Page here to start shopping, or use product links you will find in some articles.

DayDull.com? What’s With That Domain Name?

The not-so-interesting origin of this website’s name DayDull is that its a phonetic spelling of “daedal” which is an adjective associated with artwork and craftsmanship through the greek mythos of Daedelus. Daedelus was the father of Icarus, that impetuous kid who flew too close to the sun with wax wings and then crashed and burned. As an artist and designer I appreciated “daedal” as a basic concept, but thought the spelling would be a bit hard to remember. “DayDull” was the result.

Website CMS

This website uses WordPress to post and manage content (articles etc.) As of 2017 DayDull is using a customized Hueman theme. I’m very appreciative and impressed by all the work that has gone into both WordPress and this theme.

DMCA & Copyright

All content posted on DayDull is original content or is posted, used, embedded, or linked under fair use guidelines including but not limited to commentary, criticism, and parody. It is possible for some users to also post content without express approval. If you believe any content on this website infringes on your copyrights or have any other issues, please notify us by using the contact information below. DayDull complies with all valid DMCA take down requests.

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