Droid X HDMI Out – Taking full advantage for Netflix, Hulu Plus, Blockbuster & More

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3 Responses

  1. Brendan Robert says:

    It works with the leaked Netflix app! I recommend setting up RealHDMI to switch on when the screen is placed down on its face, that way you can still browse your netflix queue and then place the phone down once the stream is open. Sound and video both go through, both look and sound like they do on the phone. And on my display, it scales out to the edges of the screen!

  2. slc says:

    The newest Netflix app does NOT work with Real HDMI, at least I can’t get it to. You can see the netflix screen when you are in the menus, however once a movie begins the HDMI output displays an error screen.

  3. Brian Spero says:

    The Netflix app works for me, as does RealHDMI. But they don’t work together well…10″ of a 32″ screen sucks!

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