Spring 2010 – eBay Raises Selling Fees Again, Lies To Sellers

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4 Responses

  1. Wm Walter says:

    I have been doing business with Ebay for eleven years. During that time their fees have increased at a rate of 800% of the rate of inflation. During this time of picking the pockets of sellers they have continued with one anti-seller policy after another. On ebay any dishonest buyer can steal anything from a seller, all they have to do is claim they recieved the wrong item and send you back sonething they no longer want while keeping the item you really sent. If they seller says they sent the correct item, Ebay will ignore that assertion but always agree that the item returned to you by the buyer was the correc itemt. If you send a twenty pound item out and a twelve pound item is returned, Ebay will assume it was the same item and force you to give a refund. You can ask Ebay how this could be the same item and they will just ignore the question. The buyer does not have to prove anything and almost all proof supplied by the seller is ignored. Ebay is very clear that in their mind, all sellers are dishonest and all buyers are angels. A seller is guilty, no matter what. With high fees and an open invitation for buyers to steal from sellers, Ebay is quickly becoming a place where only buyers and ebay make money….all sellers lose.

  2. Lori says:

    Ebay has been ripping off sellers for ages. Ebay charges 4% PayPal fees on the Total Sale Price INCLUDING SHIPPING FEES. Prior to that, Ebay already ripped-off 12.5% of the total amount of the sale INCLUDING SHIPPING FEES- so what they have been doing is applying DOUBLE FEES to the Shipping part of the total sale price. Aside from the fact that Shipping fees should be excluded form the TOTAL sale price, afterall I have to transfer the amount of shipping to the shipping company: It is not my profit and Ebay makes sure that no Seller makes money on shipping , which is fine. But then Ebay turns around and includes shipping fee in the total SALE PRICE, then charges Ebay fees on that Total ,including shipping portion and then charges you again PAYPAL fees on the Total ,including shipping portion . So in fact Ebay is running a scam and making money on shipping charges, TWICE!!!! While posturing and making sure sellers do not make a dime on the Shipping.
    Ebay is ripe for class-action lawsuit . They are one of the most manipulative and dishonest companies that is still operating in US.

  3. James Donohue says:

    Hello, When I sold my last item on Ebay I assumed the $20.00 max. Final Value Fee was still in effect.
    “WRONG” ?????? They raised it to 2.9 % which meant the F-V-F was $35.00 instead.
    They also charged a Fee including a F-V-F for an item that didn’t sell because the “Buyer”
    was too cheap to pay USPS Priority, which would have cost him an additional $5.
    So, the final bill was $78, instead of $45. I refused to pay, so now I’m “BANISHED ” from
    the” Hallowed Ground”, ………so be it. The additional $33 wouldn’t break me, but, it was this
    “BAIT & SWITCH” policy that I was not going to tolerate. I offered to pay their “Collection” goons
    $45 for reinstatement of my privileges, “REFUSED”, so now they get ZERO !!!

  4. RALPH FOSTER says:

    oh well — last year I grossed over $600,000 on E-Bay–new “reduced fees” will bring that gross to less than $100,000 this year–E Bay should hire some more Wharton school of business graduates. E BAY WILL PASS AND PASS FAST …….. RALPH

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