The next Spider-Man 4 Villain(s) will be…!

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  1. Spammer says:

    Thanks for posting, I’ll definitely be subscribing to your blog.

  2. Albright says:


    This prediction article, written in 2009 was correct, 3 years before the movie’s release and before any information was known about the movie!

    See above for some other possible villains in Spiderman’s universe that may appear in a sequel to the new rebooted “Amazing Spiderman” movies.

    My bet for the next movie is on the Black Cat (NOT the Catwoman, which is a DC/Batman character). She may end up being a pseudo-ally against another villain, and could even end up being Gwen Stacy. The Black Cat’s alter ego is usually another character, Felicia Hardy, but for the sake of telling a concise, action packed story, it would make sense to use a character that has already been introduced well instead.

    Another possibility would be a small group of villains, with a mastermind. This would allow the writers to introduce a lot of Spiderman’s universe in one movie before they wrapped it up with an epic ending for a classic trilogy. Along this line I could see The Vulture or Shocker as quick early introductory fights, with Chameleon masterminding something bigger for the climax. Kraven also has ties with Chamelon and could balance out a classic intelligence and strength dynamic.

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