Review: Logitech z5500 5.1 PC/Home Theater Speakers

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  1. vijey says:


    I virtually felt the quality of the z5500 by reading your review comments, Excellent, i think u exaclty think the way i do, I am not an audioholic but i love to hook up music al throught the day. You covered every feature of this stuff , your comments are good enough to improve the sales for Logitech( May be they should pay you something for your sweet comments . lol), i appreciate the effort you had taken to pen down ur thoughts about this monster speaker. i am able to understand the love u have for this z5500.

    (Im very much interested in buying this stuff, it costs around 18000 INR(im from india) 375USD, may be i wil buy this in a month or two)

    nice review comments, keep going buddy

    Thanks and Regards
    Vijey (India)

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