DOTA 2 – Beginner Choices for Heroes: Starter Selections That Are Easy To Understand

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  1. hwd says:

    I’d say Sand King and Lifestealer are beginner heroes too because of their uncomplicated mechanics. For instance, Lifestealer pretty much uses a standard combo and has a reliable escape/heal/ambush ability. The only slightly tricky thing about Sand King is landing a Blink + Epicentre combo effectively.

  2. Blackity Black says:

    Should I Epicenter first and blink second … or……..?

  3. Potatohan says:

    What about night stalker? Is it hard or intermadiate?

  4. Chupaero says:

    I don’t know with you guys but Invoker isn’t that hard to play. Well yes he is difficult at start but if you’ve got determination to play him, it’s just easy or intermediate actually. He’s just confusing at start just because he has got a lot of abilities but you just need to memorize them.

    I can’t believe Invoker is not hard to play.

  5. Albright says:

    Its great to hear different opinions, but as you mentioned he is difficult at the start and that’s what this article was trying to share.

    Normal heroes have only 3-4 abilities to learn (in terms of timing, range, aiming, etc) but Invoker has several times that many abilities. Based on that alone I don’t see how anybody could make the argument that he is one of the easier heroes. You’ve also got to try to remember the key combinations to even activate the abilities.

    I don’t think anybody would recommend Invoker as a “starter selection that is easy to understand”

  6. x says:

    you should epicenter then queue up the blink (shift + blink)

  7. Catsu208 says:

    I… do not see Jug. I mean he is one of the easiest heroes to play as. 1 Main Basic skill (Blade Fury), and Omni Slash. Seriously, with Omni Slash you can easily go for the kill on any straggler, and easily do a huge impact in a team fights. Just remember to have your core items and you’re good.

    To be honest, I found CK harder to play when I started. Trying to control the Phantasms required me to pause whatever I was doing, select them, THEN gank. But the good thing about CK for a beginner is his stun and movement speed which is good for saving their asses.

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