Gravelord Servant Covenant – Dark Souls – FAQ, Secrets, Answers!

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  1. Majid says:

    Comprehensive and well-written article.

  2. Pedro Vieira says:

    I enter this covanent and then I leave it. But now, I can’t enter any of the four archdemons domains. It says: “protected by the great lord power”. I already enter other covanents and nothing changes. Now, I can’t continue the main story. Please help me

  3. Albright says:

    The gravelord covenant is unrelated to the block on those doors. You need to place the lordvessel that you get from anor londo onto the altar (speak with one of the big serpent guys). Here’s a link to the details about the lordvessel:

    if you want to join the darkwraith covenant, make sure you read up before doing anything else. if you talk to the wrong serpent it will take away that option.

  4. Lexing says:

    THANK YOU! The wiki said that the area boss had to still be alive but this is right the wikis wrong. That means the wiki all of it could be wrong:(

  5. Rhorge says:

    Biased argument, I’ve just read. You can use the eye of death in areas where you did not kill the boss but you will not place down a sign. You as the player are a sign, it doesn’t matter where you activate the eye of death because the sign appears at your exact location and updates every 10 seconds or so. Three people get extra mobs but many more can see the sign and invade your world. Also while being a gravelord you are still able to get invaded by all other means (darkwraiths, forest hunters and darkmoons) so you will not lack for action.

  6. Nito says:

    i joined the gravelord covenant , i already used the eye of death more than 12 times and i dont get invaded >:[

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