HoN All Hero Skill & Item Builds / Guides – Updated Retail Heroes of Newerth Strategies & Tips

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  1. CLoCKs says:

    Why would you use moon beam to last hit creeps rather then harass?

  2. Albright says:

    In the build given, Moon Beam is not leveled until very late game. This means it wont do much damage, and the stun is so short at all levels you aren’t going to be ganking any heroes with it any way. If you happen to be laning with a good stun or other early harass hero and think you can get some early kills but need another 100 or so burst damage, consider leveling moon beam then using it to harass. Only harass with it if you level it up early. Otherwise, the build given will be giving you fairly strong auto attacks early on for damage. As always, there are multiple ways to play given your team and opposing heroes, and you should be flexible and thoughtful in your decisions. Good question, I will add a note about this to the MQ guide, thanks!

  3. CLoCKs says:

    thanks for the reply. good luck with your guides! very helpful!

  4. Muppet says:

    Wow, some amazing pointers, I just started playing an hour ago and I got my ass handed to me as a scout, after taking a quick look at this guide I tried again and got a 11/1 k/d. VERY HELPFUL, Make more!

  5. ScaR says:

    It has been a while and its still on 38%, keep’em updates coming. This is a great guide!

  6. Billy says:

    This ain’t a guide, this is just a build structure and items to get. You may have all of these, but you will still not know how to play the heroes.

  7. Albright says:

    This is covered at the start of the article/guide. This is meant to be an on-the-go tool used while playing. If you want deep in depth strategy, you’ll need to spend more time than you have at the beginning 2 minutes of a game! I think most players will get what they need from the build info and the quick tips included for each hero, and it can all be taken in in seconds here on a single easy to use page. Thanks for the comment!

  8. Harpake says:

    Excellent guide. Along with the previous guide this has helped me tremendously. I’m mostly playing all random, always trying out new heroes and as such having a guide like this one on the 2nd monitor has really been invaluable.

  9. seppl says:

    Witch Slayer missing staff of the master …..

  10. Albright says:

    Thanks for the note, that is a good point and is being added to the guide, but do remember you should be a support hero and should be assisting your team’s carries, not taking kills with your spells. The other items listed will help you support your team much better and portal key will allow you to get your stun, disable, and ult off where and when it counts in fights. Basically most games probably wont reach SotM. If you are going for kills, by all means get it earlier but thats often not what’s best for the team. Thanks and remember there are many different valid strategies!

  11. Billy says:

    Rampage is all wrong, or for me that is. You want at least horned strike at lvl 1 for you to easily last hit, killing a creep at 2/4 hp is easy. You also want phase boots/ enchanted boots. I know what your thinking, he has all the speed in the world, why would he need it? It’s for his 2nd skill thats why. When you charge in with stampede, once you hit, you want to use your boots. This gives you the extra boost to your 2nd skill for damaging down your enemy. The boot is also great for your ult. Your ult deals damage to them depending on the distance you drag. The thing is, you have a time limit. You want as much speed as possible to quickly transfer that damage over. Once your ult is over, you will still have 2-3 extra seconds left on your enchanted boots. This is a good call to run in front of your enemy and bash them back plus you will have that extra damage from your 2nd skill with the extra speed enable. And about not rarely charging in at early game. That is just a bad flaw. You can easily gank anyone across the map before they even have time to miss call. Just get out of line of sight and charge. You should frequently charge middle since you are most likely laning.

  12. CLoCKs says:

    You should mention for Ophelia that once you once a lot of creeps (minotaurs espcially), you can press tab + q every 3 seconds or so for a long stun AoE. You can also use vultures for some good DoT damage in the area. But yeah, the tab + q is pretty important for ganking because most people don’t consider Ophelia a ganker.

  13. Albright says:

    Thanks, it will be added in the next update

  14. Albright says:

    Updates for Hon Patch 1.0.5 / Patch 1.0.6 have been made to this guide. Basically Engineer and Rampage skill changes required their guides to be mostly redone.

  15. Damn says:

    Madman: Barrel Roll doesn’t stun anymore. ;)

  16. Albright says:

    Thanks, updated The Madman guide

  17. isak says:

    great guide, but it would be even more awesome if u add counter-items and -heroes (eye for Night Hound is an example, not difficult to understand) and what heroes that are extreamly good lane partners or ganking partners (such as andromeda and swiftblade/moon queen)

    nice guide, this have helped me alot when i random new heroes ;)

  18. Ordrun says:

    Awesome guide man, helps a lot when you random a char you have never played before. I also used your old one when i just started playing HoN, thanks so much! It taught me all the basics on items and such for characters :)

  19. Ordrun says:

    Also its not massive but you might want to include something about decapitate in the description of Legion, just like not to use it to kill steal but to use it on heroes like accursed and such who you might have some sort of saving ability like a teleport to get out at the last moment

  20. Albright says:

    Doctor Repulsor and other small updates for 1.0.7 / 1.0.8 will be added soon. Leave comments if you have any thoughts on the changes. It looks like there weren’t any major item/hero changes that should majorly effect the guides here

  21. thaladred says:

    thanks for the effort, in most cases this a very useful guide for beginners

  22. Dan says:

    i dont think theres a guide for tb here i cant seem to find it

  23. Albright says:

    Thanks for posting that. it is in there, but for some reason BOTH the links to it at the top of the guide are messed up. You can find it by hitting CTRL-F then typing thunderbringer

    I’ll try to get the links fixed sometime soon.

  24. Damn says:

    Looking forward to see guides of Doctor Repulsor and Flint Beastwood :)
    When will they be released? ^^

  25. kalleballe says:

    i disagree with your nh build.

    Item Build
    ?Start: Runes of the Blight, Healing Potion, Logger’s Hatchet, 3x Minor Totem
    ?Core: Power Supply, Iron Shield, Steam Boots, Nullfire Blade, Geometers Bane, Wingbow

    Item Build (my)
    ?Start: Runes of the Blight, Logger’s Hatchet, Shield
    ?Core: Iron Shield, Steam Boots, parazite

    i dont know the maths here for starting items. But i love lifeleech and attackspeed is great with nh since he will get good dmg from behind anyways.

    After this i go frostburn, i dont know if its better then nullfire, but it gives u slow without having to use item(newbie friendly) and also runspeed which i think is good when u only have steamboots.
    After frostburn comes the choice problem, but geo, wingbow, and rift shard is all good choices, also runed axe works for getting your farm up faster.
    Why riftshard when he uses agitility? Well, shortly because u have decent agi, and decent dmg from behind.. the ass attacks can be critted, so your crit will be really good, also your pounce can crit, so if you are lucky you can 1hit int heroes with pounce, and it is much cheaper then wingbow, atleast each item is.
    Geo is nice for survival and farming and some small extra dmg, wingbow is the best choice, but it is not certain that u will get wingbow fast enough, and crit is much faster to farm, and lvl1 riftshard is way better then dancing blade. When u have wingbow also, if it gets to be a long game, and you crit your pounce, you will do close to 2000 dmg, and then around 500 per hit and 900 crits… with a huge attackspeed, both with and without parazite.

  26. Update Thesite says:

    Update the site its been forever bro

  27. albright2 says:

    disagree on nh guide

  28. allen says:

    i disagree on nh guide too Start: Runes of the Blight, Healing Potion, Logger’s Hatchet, 3x Minor Totem
    Core: Power Supply, Iron Shield, Steam Boots, Nullfire Blade, Geometers Bane, Wingbow
    Skill Build
    1 – Smoke Bomb
    2 – Pounce
    3 – Pounce
    4 – Backstab
    5 – Pounce
    6 – Invisibility
    7 – Pounce
    8 – Backstab
    9 – Backstab
    10 – Backstab
    11 – Invisibility
    12 – Smoke Bomb
    13 – Smoke Bomb
    14 – Smoke Bomb
    15 – Stats
    16 – Invisibility
    17 – Stats+

    Quick Hero Overview
    Use Pounce to last hit, especially siege engines – this will get you early gold and experience
    Click on enemy heroes periodically to check and see if they have invisibility-revealing items like a Bound Eye or Dust

  29. allen says:

    kragen is a tank O.o

  30. Ordrun says:

    “Reserve Moon Beam to stun heroes out of Moonstone casting, channelled ultimates, etc.”

    Hahaha no one else notice the typo there? XD

  31. SNT says:

    Where is the typo?

  32. Ordrun says:

    “Reserve Moon Beam to stun heroes out of Moonstone casting, channelled ultimates, etc.”

    Moonstone…. I think he meant homestone casting. /facepalm

  33. Stunner says:

    at first: thnx for u’r guides. this is a nice overview of heroguides, and u try to keep em up a.s.o..

    can i support u also if i am out of an other country -> dont buy @ amazoon.COM (de)?

  34. Cristian says:

    need a Guide for Flint Eastwood :) please update

  35. BigTFatty says:

    I’m disappointed that you didn’t mention anything in the War Beast section about Puzzle Box. If you go the “alternate” way (I prefer this way) and get Abyssal Skull, you couple that with Puzzle Box lvl 3, you will be a putting out more dps at earlier lvls than any hero in the game. You farm faster with Skull and push like a champ with just PBox lvl1, allowing you to buy PBox lvl 3 in no time. The max speed, +25% as/dmg and +44dmg buff to you/helllhounds/pbox critters is formidable. Lastly you get lifesteal/sight(situational) auras and mana drain. Level 13 Kongor helps with BDing…

  36. Genjiknight says:

    A guide on Repulsor as well please :D

  37. Damn says:

    I’m still into your guides :D but will you update em or will they remain like that?:)

  38. Albright says:

    Hi everybody! Thanks for the continued visits and use of the guide. I’ve just updated the guide by adding Flint Beastwood and Doctor Repulsor. The only other major change that would maybe be needed is adjusting item builds for when Striders may be a good choice. As always, any constructive comments and critiques of guides, as well as your own personal builds, are very welcome!

    I also just want to mention again that supporting the site and guides by clicking the Amazon link before a purchase really does help and would help with more updates. (I have yet to even cover the monthly hosting costs for the site!)


  39. Albright says:

    Hi, I will try to update with an option shortly for amazon.de etc (edit: updated, you can just use the specific links now up for amazon.de and amazon.co.uk – they should be in the Support page, and also to the right in the sidebar),

    And as always, if iomething interesting in a google ad and click on it, that helps a little too!

    Thanks for the support!

  40. XDracoX says:

    On the Magmus guide, in the section about ultying, it says you should use Steam Bath to stun. Of course you meant Lava Surge, and everyone should know that, but I figured you may want to change it.

  41. Albright says:

    Thank you for pointing that out, it will be fixed the next time the guide is updated.

  42. Ordrun says:

    And gauntlets infernal instablility no long combines with his ult/grapple :(

  43. XDracoX says:

    I also noticed you don’t use chalice of blood on anyone. You should give it a shot especially on some guys that it should be core. Like devourer, succubus, and soul reaper. It is also good early game on bloodhunter and tempest.

  44. Chodenasty says:

    I agree with XDracoX, I love blood chalice on tundra and works well with demented shaman.

  45. Epin says:

    I like the ending of the Devourer guide “You can turn it on when”
    Was just wondering about when when is :)

  46. Genjiknight says:

    Could we get an update with Bombadier please and thanks again for the great tips and builds :D

  47. V says:

    Just a Comment on another possible build for Scout, as the build you have for scout w/ whispering helm shrunken head is one that i currently use, with wingbow and savage mace as luxury, and i at times replace shrunken with frostburn, as the ms allows scout to chase and position better for flurry(just depends on amount of ccing and how bad im placing my silences) Ive found this build to be potent, but when i go against teams tht usually will have high armor ill go for a different luxury. Harkon’s Blade turns people into butter on Scout, u will literally flurry someone and kill them. Not to mention people don’t prepare for Magic damage when facing a Scout and even so u can only mitigate magic damage so much. Other hardcarries like Dark Lady, Night Hound, Chronos and the such, ive all faced, and focused in under 5 secs after flurry if not w/ under 5 secs. Even tanks become butter, but the other builds work just as fine, sheildbreaker is gg if under 25 mins, the stated build above for competing against hardcarries, or Harkon’s Blade, which you can completly turn around a game with this item, ill post a match ID of its power as soon as i can find one.

  48. Damn says:

    Yeah, i’d be happy bout bombardier guide too:)
    please continue your work! its great!

  49. CLoCKs says:

    I believe Kraken’s skills and ultimate have been updated. Thanks for the help in the guides.

  50. matt7293 says:

    please update this :) i love this quick guide

  51. Axel says:

    Please update hero guides, items etc.

  52. Tucker says:

    Great guide!

    I think you’re missing Moraxus :p

  53. XDracoX says:

    So this site has now become outdated :-( so when are we getting some new info?

  54. taikogod says:

    Would love to get an update on this with new heroes/patches taken into consideration!

  55. Tarishimo says:

    Please update this, it would be the most amazing thing if you did.

  56. pau says:

    wow awesome heroes guide, gratz

  57. Daniel says:

    Fantastic guide!
    – But please update it, there’re several heroes missing ..

  58. dedz says:

    please update it, there are lot of heroes missing

  59. AcceI says:


  60. Sean says:

    Will there ever be an update to this? Does anyone know of a good alternative website?

  61. wew says:

    wew :D

  62. kimospeed says:

    Please send me Hero guide for Midas… Thanks a lot!

  63. Amiiiii says:

    It sounds good but you need to upgrade it please, and it will be better.
    Thank you :D

  64. kenneth says:

    update po please. ,

  65. xotsamakkhrab says:


  66. xotsamakkhrab says:

    Sacrificial Stone or icon of the goddess name wrong :(

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