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How To Get a Dirty Bomb Free Mercenary, the Fragger – Steam Key – E3 PC Giveaway ($8 Value)

Here’s how to get the Fragger mercenary in Dirty Bomb for free! Announced at the E3 PC Gamer conference, a steam key for this character is now being given away for free at the PCGamer’s website. Supplies are limited to 100,000, so get yours now!

Here’s the direct link: Dirty Bomb Free Mercenary and E3 Trailer

Just enter your email address in the box below the trailer and the Steam Key will be emailed to you soon!

This is an $8 value, giving you a new mercenary which has unique abilities and will unlock him permanently. Dirty Bomb is a free to play FPS game with unlockable characters, each with distinct abilities and roles to play in the game. The Fragger’s abilities is to carry up to two Frag Grenades at a time, which deal high damage over a large area. Unlike many other FPS games, most characters in Dirty Bomb do not have the ability to carry or use grenades, so this is a helpful ability to have.

Mercenaries in Dirty Bomb, which could also be referred to as characters, heroes, champions, classes, loadouts, etc in other games, can be further customized by using different loadout cards, which give you different weapons. Loadout cards can be unlocked by buying credits with real money or by just playing the game.

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