How to Remove a Canon Printhead (Step by Step With Photos!) & How to Clean a Clogged Printhead

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  1. Gwenn says:

    Thanks so much for all of this information, I appreciate it. Its drying time now, so we’ll see how this goes. Thanks again.

  2. Tara says:

    This was sooo much help thank you so much I fixed my printer and now it works better than before! Thank goodness I didnt have to buy a new one!!!

  3. Susan says:

    This was a wonderful source of information. Thank you. I found there was ink dried on the cartridge and soaked it as recommended…. didn’t have ammonia so I used just the distilled water. It is drying now. will wait till tomorrow to put back in the printer. I am sure all will be great!

  4. Thanks, man. Great instructions. I now have very clean nozzles.

    One however – the RED – is not printing at all; not streaky, not intermittent, just doesn’t let any ink out.
    It caused the most problems, and was subsequently the last one to be completely clean – ie. I had to repeatedly soak that particular nozzle with solution to get ink through.
    I can see red ink on a tissue if I take the head out, the cartridge is full, the nozzle is thoroughly clean – ie. I can see fluid “welling up” through it when I place the head on soaked tissue. It just won’t print when the printer says to…

    Any ideas ? You say if repairs are needed a new printer is a better option… So is there no point at all in even checking with a technician ? Everything else about the machine is fine.

  5. Sonya says:

    This fix worked perfectly! Thank You! We had the Cyan printing in lines even after several cleanings and deep cleanings. We used the Amonia, Distilled Water and a splash of Alcohol. I microwaved it for 40 seconds,put some in the bottom of the dish and changed the mixture and paper towel 3 times during the process. I also took a syringe and filled the little areas where the ink goes through with the mixture,focusing the stream of mixture on the little nozzels and I did this about 8 times. Eventually there was no color left in them and they were all clear. I also left that area full of the mixture to soak.
    I was surprised how much more of the Cyan came out than the other colors. It was clearly blocked somewhere inside.
    Anyway, THANK YOU!!! You saved us a lot of money and frustration!

  6. helen craig says:

    its amazing how much help you can get on the internet.
    If it hadn’t been for you i would have bought a new printer.
    so saved lots of money
    thank you

  7. Gregory C says:

    Where is the printerhead unlocking mechinisism for the Canon MG6320 printer?

  8. Will says:

    What if you have Support Code B200 (yellow and orange lights alternate flashing 10 times) and the ink cartridge assembly doesn’t move when you open the top cover? I can’t seem to figure out how to manually force the ink cartridge assembly to move. Anything with Support Code B200 or moving the ink cartridge assembly with help greatly!

  9. Janet says:

    I have read your article on how to clean print heads that are clogged. My printer is the Canon Pixma Pro 100 and currently not printing black. Can these instructions be used on this printer? The print heads have just started to clog after 1 1/2 yrs of regular printing photos, 8X10 and larger. I use a refill method for the ink cartridges and suspect this to be the culprit of the ink heads clogging.

    Any feedback/advice would be appreciated.

  10. Carl Brandhorst says:

    There is no Gray level

  11. john says:

    I was about to deep 6 a Pixma pro 9000, but to soaking twice make it work like new. I love this printer and now I am happier than ever.

  12. juntjoo says:

    This article is useless for my Canon mg4120 printer I bought at Walmart. Where’s my print head?

  13. What is the correct orientation for the gaskets in a Pixma 470 printer

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