LoL Kayle Guide – League of Legends Champions Strategy, Skill & Item Builds

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3 Responses

  1. Albright says:

    If there is any demand for more LoL guides, I have about 10 of my personal favorite champions written up but not formatted. I can post them if there is any interest.

  2. Andy says:

    Nice Kayle write-up. What runes do you use with this build?

  3. B1gben says:

    I don’t agree your itembuild/skilbuild. The best way to play Kayle is to play her in hybrid. So start up with a doran’s ring. boots,After that go for trinity foce, Guinso’s rage blade,(cd boots) nashor’s tooth, 2x gunblade. With this itembuild i always get positive stats and you are perfect hybrid play. You got with this some nice ad dmg and good lifesteal from the gunblade. And because you got an hybrid build you got short cd’s and your reckoning and rightheos fury deals big magic dmg. You got around 230 ad / 320 ap. Im using ad runes.
    Marks : Armor penetration
    Seals: 50/50 with crit chance/ crit dmg
    glyphs: 50/50 with crit chance/ crit dmg

    im using these runes because you got high attackspeed and with the crit chance + crit dmg you will deal in short time big dmg.

    So you should try this and kayle is not a underdog hero like people think.

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