Lord of Ultima Tips – Dungeons & Bosses (Dragons etc) How Many Troops Should You Send?

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14 Responses

  1. luke says:

    thanks this is very helpful

  2. 7000 says:

    how many bezerks- for warlokcs

  3. Pin says:

    Thanks for this, very useful.

  4. wede says:

    What about my 350 galleons at the sea??

  5. Gyp The Cat says:

    Perfect thanks for the tip :) All my guys kept being killed, but I wasn’t sending enough!

  6. itaca0 says:

    Does any one know how many ship are needed to raid by sea?

  7. Bijanius says:

    For the sea raids there is less info but there is a calculator for the Octopus you can use:

    Also for the pirates you can get some info through the reports, click on pirate ship, click on show reports and you will see all the previous attack reports from your alliance friends…It should give an indication…

  8. virus says:

    how many for dungeons level 7 and 8?

  9. vellis says:

    the numbers for bosses are way way off and dont give proper unit types a good example i just sent 68 zerks to kill a lev 1 hydra i only lost one and got all the loot home where as i could send 200 against a moloch and lose most of them

  10. Flence says:

    What about level 7,8 and 10?

  11. Flence says:

    That just makes it worst -__- you should put in too

  12. LordBlizzard says:

    I took down a lvl 1 Hydra w/ 40 Rangers and 60 Berserkers so it seems various combos work well also. Share report – LSAL-X74D-UVTC-3S6H

  13. Heros5k says:

    50 Berserkers for Level 1 Moloch,Hydra….etc……
    200 Is too Much youll need 300 For Level 2
    Level 3 2000
    Level 4 4000
    Level 5 10000
    Level 6 15000
    Level 7 20000
    Level 8 30000
    Level 9 45000
    Level 10 60000

  14. Heros5k says:


    This is a Great Calculator never have Questions now

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