Team Fortress 2 Crafting Blueprints – How to create hats, weapons, and more in TF2

TF2 Blueprints and Crafting Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 Crafting Blueprints

A quick tutorial and list of blueprints (formulas) to create new hats and weapons in TF2

Like it or not, since the “WAR!” content update in December 2009, Team Fortress 2 has included crafting items. What this means is you can take those duplicate items you randomly find while playing (or idling!), combine them, and create a new desired item. There are specific formulas, called blueprints, to follow to guarantee you get the desired item. Below are all known blueprints / formulas and some important information and quick tutorial on how to create hats and weapons.


Creation Cost

Item to be created Total cost
Scrap Metal 3 weapons
Class or Slot Token 4 weapons
Reclaimed Metal 9 weapons = 3 Scrap Metal
Class Weapon 11 weapons = 1 Class Token + 1 Slot Token + 1 Scrap Metal
Refined Metal 27 weapons = 9 Scrap Metal = 3 Reclaimed Metal
Random Headgear 2 headgear, or
81 weapons = 27 Scrap Metal = 9 Reclaimed Metal = 3 Refined Metal
Class Headgear 112 weapons = (36 Scrap metal = 12 Reclaimed Metal = 4 Refined Metal) + 4 weapons

As you can see above, unfortunately it requires quite a few items in order to create something specific you want, especially hats. Most casual players will likely only use crafting in order to get a couple of newly released class weapons sooner and without having to complete as many achievements.

Basic Blueprint Formulas

Blueprint Requires Produces
Smelt Primary Weapons 3 Identical primary weapons
Eg. Force-A-Nature + Force-A-Nature + Force-A-Nature
1 Scrap Metal
Smelt Secondary Weapons 3 Identical secondary weapons
Eg. Flare gun + Flare gun + Flare gun
1 Scrap Metal
Smelt Melee Weapons 3 Identical melee weapons
Eg. Ubersaw + Ubersaw + Ubersaw
1 Scrap Metal
Smelt Class Weapons Any 3 weapons from the same class
Eg. Ambassador + Dead Ringer + Dead Ringer (Spy Weapons)
1 Scrap Metal
Smelt Miscellaneous Items 3 Identical Misc Weapons
Eg. Camera beard + Camera beard + Camera beard
1 Scrap Metal
Combine Scrap Metal 3 Scrap Metal 1 Reclaimed Metal
Combine Reclaimed Metal 3 Reclaimed Metal 1 Refined Metal

Create Tokens

Blueprint Requires Produces
Fabricate Class Token 4 weapons from one class
Eg. Natascha + Sandvich + Sandvich + KGB
1 Class Token
Eg. 1 Heavy Token
Fabricate Slot Token 4 weapons from one slot
Eg. Blutsauger + Huntsman + Force-A-Nature + Direct Hit
1 Slot Token
Eg. 1 Primary Token
Rebuild Class Token One Class Token (doesn’t matters which one) and another class’ weapon
Eg. Sniper Token + Buff Banner
1 Class Token
Eg. 1 Soldier Token
Rebuild Slot Token One Slot Token (doesn’t matters which one) and another slot weapon
Eg. Secondary Token + Axtinguisher
1 Slot Token
Eg. 1 Melee Token

Note: If 4 identical weapons are smelted in the token blueprint, you are given the option of creating a class token or a slot token, but not both.

Create Headgear

Blueprint Requires Produces
Fabricate Headgear 3 Refined Metal 1 Random Headgear
Fabricate Class Headgear 4 Refined Metal + 1 Class Token 1 Class Headgear
Rebuild Headgear 2 Hats 1 Random Headgear

Create Weapons

Blueprint Requires Produces
Fabricate Class Weapons 1 Class Token + 1 Slot Token + 1 Scrap Metal
Eg. Medic Token + Secondary Token + Scrap Metal
1 Class Specific Weapon
Eg. Kritzkrieg

Crafting weapon classifications

The crafting system classifies some items as different than the regular inventory system. The below chart lists the slot the crafting system uses for each item.

Class Primary weapons Secondary weapons Melee weapons PDAs Tokens
Scout Force-A-Nature Bonk! Atomic Punch Sandman Scout Class Token
Soldier Direct Hit Buff Banner Equalizer Soldier Class Token
Pyro Backburner Flare Gun Axtinguisher Pyro Class Token
Demoman Scottish Resistance • Chargin Targe Eyelander Demoman Class Token
Heavy Natascha Sadvich KGB (Boxing Gloves) Heavy Class Token
Engineer Engineer Class Token
Medic Blutsauger Kritzkrieg Ubersaw Medic Class Token
Sniper Huntsman Jarate • Razorback Sniper Class Token
Spy Ambassador Dead Ringer • Cloak & Dagger Spy Class Token

Miscellaneous Notes

  • You can use Slot Tokens for the Scrap Metal recipes.
  • The Left 4 Dead Bill’s hat, the Ghastly gibus, the Mildly disturbing Halloween mask, and the Cheater’s lament can’t be used in the Rebuild Headgear blueprint.
  • The Soldier’s GunBoats cannot be used to craft to tokens.

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  1. Pyrotech says:

    i wish i had as much stuff as everyone else.i had all the weapons because of the milestones,but i was tempted to get hats and i thought reclaimed metal made sucks cause now i have to idle 24/7.

  2. Salavatore says:

    Thanks for showing me how to get a flare gun, my previous one was crafted away :D

  3. ANDREAS says:


  4. Ayden snee snee says:

    How do you get Bills hat? is there any other way than modding it?

  5. Angelo says:

    How can i craft the force-a-nature?

  6. Nathy says:

    Scrap metal is TWO weapons not three. All of your stats involving scrap to weapon equivelance is wrong.

  7. someone says:

    not up to date

  8. jenson says:

    not to be rude or anything, but your facts suck and any other site shows a lot mre items. (Spy expert).

  9. Albright says:

    Please note the date of the article, it was written very near to the original release of the crafting system and it appears there have been some changes. Thanks for looking!

  10. Roswell says:

    well its not that bad of a site just update it put some naked girls on the page and show more hats

  11. Cory says:

    I’m sure the answer to this question is “yes,” but…Does using a weapon to craft scrap metal, etc. destroy the weapon itself? Or, does it simply make it so you can use the weapon in-game, but can’t craft with it anymore?

  12. Beano says:

    To the previous poster; yes, it completely destroyes the weapons used in making scrap metal.

  13. frogs2345 says:

    can you use the basic weapons in the crafting? but if you can, can you get them back since they are the basics?

  14. zecteor says:

    does any one know how to craft the troublemakers tossle cap?

  15. Matt says:

    Awesome,I just crafted Wanka Pricker(Or whatevers is its name)today and its not on crafting list…How I did it?Just use the custom bluprint.So yeah puttin the class token,the slot token,a scrap metal(Didn’t tried the others)and you will get any weapon!A good example is spy knife(Wanka Pricker).I still try to get some better weapons though :I

  16. lolcraft says:

    its three.
    three weapons for scrap metal.
    it IS up to date.
    you totally suck.
    talkin to YOU NATHY!

  17. shisho says:

    can we craft 2 halloween hats(like 2 einstein hats) together to create a headgear ?

  18. Benjamon says:

    How to craft the spy’s creed assassin hat?

  19. Benjamon says:

    And how it’s, drop works?

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