Team Fortress 2: New Weapon, Item, Hat Drop System Explained (with Maths!)

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  1. Jono says:

    Valve f up … random crit … random drops …. whats next ? character level ? str dex int ?

  2. Jack Riguel says:

    Very informative and Helpful.

    I’m curious though, does sv_pure need to be set to 2? Or do drops still work with 1 or 0.

    Also, I’ve heard rumers that drops only work when VAC is enabled. Is this also true?

  3. Albright says:

    To my knowledge, sv_pure is not a factor, but VAC likely should be enabled.

  4. Paul says:

    I spent the last four hours trying to set up my server. DO NOT USE mp_idlemaxtime -1. When I used it it kicked everyone when they tried to join

  5. dakota says:

    how do u get a hat on tf2

  6. Albright says:

    dakota – the hats drop randomly like the other items while you play. According to unconfirmed data, the hats have a little less than a 0.5% (or 1 out of 200) chance to drop each time you would have gotten an item. Since players (on average) get an item about once every 2 hours, this means on average players would get an item once every 200 hours of play!

    Within another month at the most Valve will be updating their trading system so you can trade weapons for hats (hopefully), though we do not yet know how this will work exactly. It may be you can trade in items for points and then use these points to buy hats, etc.

    Anyway, a simple answer would be…play a lot! (And if you’d like to semi-cheat, you can visit idle servers and stay in-game overnight to increase your chances).

  7. Wimbula says:

    ” Jono
    May 25, 2009 • 11:41 pm

    Valve f up … random crit … random drops …. whats next ? character level ? str dex int ?”

    Umm whats wrong with random crit? or drops? it would suck if skillles players would get drops ( milestone ones ) easy. specialy that darned dead ringer

  8. n/a says:

    Well i think everyone in this forum is a nub.

  9. Justice says:

    Its not that hard to get the items, i still haven’t gotten any hats but that doesn’t bother me…

    When you play, Play to have fun, Don’t play to get items because you probably will just get your umpteenth Natascha instead of the items your looking for.

    Cheers X)

  10. Arrowed! says:


    For starts, this isn’t a forum…

    Secondly, GTFO!


    Don’t get discouraged… the items come fairly often.

    I just wish I would stop getting Jarate Jars and Boxing Gloves… I get them way too often.

    Regarding the hats… I play on a server where they allow you to equip hats via a chat command, which is awesome!

  11. luke carr says:

    once the trading system comes up, I can get rid of my 35+ items to the noobs…..and like Arrowed! said, don’t get discouraged, items (for me) seem to get dropped every 25 orso deaths…….Have Fun!

  12. Valve promised trading system says:

    When will Valve release the bloody trading system… I’m relatively annoyed because i ahve some hats that I want to trade for other hats…

    Can someome tell when the heck Valve are releasing the hat and item trading system

  13. Turqoise says:

    Wahoo! Now that crafting is out, you can melt down 112 weapons and get… a single freaking random hat! Who the hell came up with that?

    It is useful, being able to craft 2 hats you don’t want for a chance of getting one you do want, but aside from that it’s absurd. I hope they will at least make it so you can craft two hats into a specific hat. I crafted 2 OK hats, and ended up with one for the class I almost never play :-/

  14. Pyrotech says:

    It’s been 2 months and i have found a fraction of what other have but i have been connected. Do you know why it would do that?

  15. Pyrotech says:

    i got this game to play and have fu.but honestly ive been stuck to these idles for hats and guns.ive only gotten spy and freakin other weapons but mainly f***ing spy weapons and i hate spys.all i want to do is plthe game with all my stuff on arena and payload maps,but i guess im considered a nub arent i N/A?just because i want hats and guns for my fav classes makes me a nub?ive only got 10-14 items by idling.

  16. The Demons says:

    If you want particular items do achievements for that class.

    There are many achievement servers.

  17. Jambabond says:

    If anyone wanted all Achievements (+All new weapons), you go to and Download “Steam Achievements Manager 5.2”. It will unlock all Achievements and unlock all new weapons. ( Also work with the WAR! update). Also, no Virus, it will NOT hack your Steam account, you will NOT get banned from servers, 100% Work.

    NOTE: After you use this tool, make sure you delete it and empty the bloody recycle bin and restart steam.

  18. Jambabond says:

    OR, there’s another option how to get (Some) Achievements to unlock ALL new weapons. Add this server IP, and type in the console !Givemeal or !Givemeall. But, the “Steam Achievements Manager” unlock all the Achievements and this servers unlock some of ’em. But still, this two options gets you all new weapons.

  19. Matlol says:

    The main reason people are not getting many items is because of the new system Valve has brang out, (well i believe it anyway) After about, 11 hours or so of playing TF2 a week, i will completely stop getting weapons and hats. this has been happening to me 4 weeks in a row, and it is quite fustrating.

  20. Thomas says:

    I was playing 1v1 with my friends on a LAN server and left the game running by mistake, when we both came back we both had 3 new weapons.

  21. Matthod says:

    I got an item during an offline practice game. Weird huh?

  22. Pyre_Draon says:

    I have been playing tf2 since the begging of summer in 2008 and still not ONE hat. i think its 100% bull because the only items that i have managed to get is alot of shitty weapons for classes that i dont use. looks like the crafting system is my only hope

  23. james says:

    lol,i thought i was the only one!!so many gloves and jarate,ah well,at least it goes towards the hat making!!

  24. your mama says:

    I’ve been playing for almost 24 hrs and havent found much of anything at all!

  25. Throbator says:

    I used to get random drops normally but now it’s only achievement and crafting items. It’s hard for me to advance with no drops, try to get this fixed soon.

  26. Dont be Selfish says:

    Dont Dislike the update you selfish turds…
    Be glad you have the game.

  27. SpaceLemon says:

    oh man, i used to play tf2 on xbox, then i heard bout crafting, so i switched, very recently i might add, to my laptop, also because its now free on pc, and now it appears to have been almost a waste of time, i mean two hours is a lot of time to spend on a computer, especialy when i have better things to do…:(

  28. brian says:

    can someone help me?? 2 weeks i used to get an item every hour or so but now i dont get even 1 single item!!!!!
    Whats going on?? i always connect to steam friends. My achivements are correct. I played for almost 5 hrs straight and not even 1 item >:( . Am i doing sumthing wrong or am i just unlucky. i would really apprieciate if u reply back :)

  29. Echo says:

    @brian The reason for that, is you only get 11 Drops per week. and it runs in intervals, but if it doesn’t drop for you this week, that’s increased chances next week. Any time you miss an item while still connected to steam, it gets added to the next week. so you can get more items. So it will get you to keep playing, and you will get more stuff. EVERY A BODY A HAPPY.

  30. abc says:

    i got 2 weapon less than 25 minute ^^

  31. abc says:

    AFK really can get weapon???? please reply me

  32. abc says:

    i got 2 weapon less than 25 minute but after the 25 minute of getting the 2nd weapon why i never get any weapon??

  33. abc says:

    is there any clue which weapon you will get next???

  34. me says:

    the other day i played for about 4-5 hours, and got a ton of items, and today, i cant seem to find anything!! did i already find my weekly limit of items or is there another problem?

  35. batakachy says:

    How to turn VAC on??? anyone write in coment!!!

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