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OpenRGB: Fix for losing custom color profiles [SOLUTION] How to automatically reload RGB settings after sleep, restart, shut down

Fix for OpenRGB doesn’t save or reload your custom RGB color profile settings in many cases when it should resets to default Rainbow colors. For example restarting, shut down, reboot, going into sleep or waking from sleep mode, login and logout. Here’s the solution for how to automatically fix this OpenRGB issue!

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LoL Patch Schedule & Server Downtime News (Updated for 2024!) How to Know Ahead of Time! Best Sources: Twitter, Reddit, Riot for League of Legends Maintenance

Know if LoL will go down tonight! The best sources for the most advance notice of League of Legends server maintenance and downtime! Will LoL servers go down tonight? Tomorrow night? When is the next LoL Patch? All Answered!

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