Battlefield 2042 Fix for No Audio (SOLUTION) – No Sound, Bluetooth Headphones, Speakers

Battlefield 2042 Headphones in a Warzone

Battlefield 2042 is no stranger to bugs and glitches, but no sound or no audio out of your headphones or speakers makes the game completely unplayable! Fortunately I have a fix for if you are getting no sound in Battlefield 2042, especially for those using bluetooth headphones or speakers!

Symptoms & Description of Problem: No Sound in BF 2042

  • No audio, no sound in game.
  • On launching BF 2042, while it is still loading, such as on the “connecting to online services” screen, sound will cut out for your PC (including any music or other audio that may be playing)
  • You may have a bluetooth device connected, especially a pair of bluetooth headphones. (But it could be any other bluetooth device.)
  • You may or may not have audio issues in other games or apps (I didn’t have any other audio problems elsewhere–only BF2042)

Solution for No Audio in Battlefield 2042

This fix is for users who have ever connected any Bluetooth audio device to their PC in the past.

It took forever to figure this out! For whatever reason, if you have a Bluetooth audio device connected to your PC, at launch Battlefield 2042 seems to switch sound output to your Bluetooth device’s Microphone INPUT, even if your Bluetooth headphones don’t have a microphone! I’m not sure exactly what is happening, but it seems it is confusing inputs and outputs, or at least switching outputs for no reason. Notably, it seems to switch to devices that are not set as default for some reason. This bug, glitch, whatever has been in BF2042 for at least a couple years now. 

Quick solution explanation:

Type “Change System Sounds” into Windows 11 (or Windows 7, 10, etc.) search bar. Go to the Recording tab. You need to disable all the Bluetooth Microphone Inputs located under the “Recording” tab in your Sound control panel.  Depending on the device and drivers you have installed, it might be called “Hands-Free AG Audio” or some variation of the product name of the Bluetooth headphones you are using. Then go to the “Playback” tab and also set your Bluetooth headphones (or speakers, etc) as the default playback (output) device.

Longer, detailed solution step by step:

  1. Make sure Battlefield 2042 and other apps and games are closed before starting.
  2. In the Windows search bar, type in “change system sounds” and click on the “Change System Sounds” option that comes up.
  3. Click on the “Recording” tab, it will look similar to this but with different devices listed:
    • Audio Devices Screenshot
  4. Now disable all Bluetooth microphones you find here. To disable a device, click on it, then click “Properties” then in the “Device Usage” drop down menu, pick “Don’t use this device (disable)” and click Apply.  For example, the highlighted “Headset – BTunes Senn/5” in the above screenshot was the supposed microphone input on my Bluetooth headphones, but the headphones have no microphone at all. On another PC, the device that needed to be disabled was named “Hands Free AG Audio.” Disable all Bluetooth related microphones and inputs here in the “Recording” tab. While you’re at it, you can disable any other sound inputs that you will never use that are listed here.


  1. Now go to the “Playback” tab (the specific devices will be different for you)Screenshot of Windows Sound Devices
    1. Search through the list of devices and click on any option that says “Hands-Free AG Audio” (like selected in the screenshot above)
    2. Click the “Properties” button and at the bottom of the popup for “Device Usage” click “Don’t use this device / disable”
    3. Then click apply and close that window.
    4. It is also a good idea to disable any other devices that you never use in this list, especially if they are related to a Bluetooth device.
  2. Now verify your Windows Sound output Settings have the correct device selected for the headphones or speakers you want to use.
    1. in the Windows search bar, type “Sound Settings” – open that window, and select the correct devices for Output (your speakers/headphones) and Input (Your microphone, if you use one)
  3. All done! Re-launch Battlefield 2042 and you should be good to go! Check the audio settings in game to pick what is correct for your devices.

More Solutions to Fix Problems with Battlefield 2042 Audio / No Sound

The above solution is the main fix that worked perfectly for me and has worked for some others already. However it probably only applies if you have used a bluetooth headset or headphones on your PC. If that doesn’t work for you, try these simple (more generic) fixes instead:

  1. Restart Windows (first, easiest solution to most problems!)
  2. Verify the correct audio output device is currently selected in Windows (type “Sound Settings” in the windows search bar)
  3. Try a different audio device — speakers instead of headphones, different headphones, etc. to narrow down the problem.
  4. Try Launching the game via Origin instead of EA Play or vice versa.
    1. Disable in game overlays for Origin/EA Play
  5. Disconnect any new hardware (even a new monitor or TV etc) that you may have recently added to your system
  6. Check the battery level of your headphones.
  7. Close and Restart BF 2042
  8. Check the audio settings in BF 2042’s Options Menu
  9. Check connections to your PC and audio devices (USB, headphone jack etc)
  10. Update graphics drivers

Some of these a very generic, but should be the first things you should try in order to rule out easy fixes. 

Thanks for reading!

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