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Heroes of Newerth Changes

Since HoN / Heroes of Newerth is still in Beta, there are frequent and at times huge gameplay-affecting changes. Most often hero skills are tweaked with mana costs, range, damage, durations, etc changing slightly, but every now and then a huge change is implemented by the dev team to attempt to balance the game.

This article will try to cover these changes and keep you updated on the new items, changed item stats, new hero skills and tweaked skills, etc.

First of all, whenever you receive an automatic update to your HoN game client, I suggest you visit the following page. This is the link to the official Heroes of Newerth website change log:



10/3 (roughly): Kraken and Scout tweaked. Scout now has increased attack speed when coming out of invisiblity, his electric eye’s have an AoE silence ability, and his vanish has been switched to draining mana over time rather than being cast with a cooldown. Kraken has been tweaked, he now has a skill that modifies his attack for a small amount of mana to increase damage and do splash. Not sure if he had this before, but he also now slows all enemies in a radius aronund him.

10/7 (roughly): Pandamonium hero added. This is a new hero, not based of the panda-esque hero from DoTA. He is a melee hero with a handy “flick” skill that tosses enemy heroes behind him and reduced their armor, as well as a “flurry” skill, which can be used up to 4 times in a row, which does damage and pushes enemies backward.

10/9: Sand Wraith added. Mercurial from DoTA. He honestly looks quite a bit like glacius/torturer but with darker “sand” colors. He has a very useful ultimate that creates a version of himself next to all enemy heroes for a short time. This of course reveals them all and also adds a TON of confusion in big battles. Also a small note–Kraken’s whirlpool now can’t be used near the fountain. This means he cant bring all the enemy heroes back for a quick bloodbath anymore :)

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