LoL 7.10 Bans: Priority Ban List for League of Legends Season 7

LoL 7.10 Bans Priority Bans Top Mid Jungle Bot

The most important champions to ban in League of Legends patch 7.10 (May – June, Summer 2017.) Concise list with overall ban picks as well as bans categorized by lane. Multiple options are given, ranked in order with the first listed being the highest priority ban. However if you have a personal dislike laning against a certain champ, several of the best options are given to assist with that.

Overall LoL 7.10 Best Bans (Priority Bans):

If you are not worried about banning a counter to your champion and are unsure of who to ban, pick one of these that your own teammates are NOT considering:

  • Lulu (Support)
  • Fizz (Top/Mid)
  • Sejuani (Top/Jungle)
  • Xayah (ADC)
  • Ivern (Jungle)
  • Zed (Mid)
  • Yasuo (Top/Mid)

Top Lane Priority Bans – LoL 7.10 – Priority Top Lane Bans

If you’re playing top lane and want to avoid the FOTM / OP champs in patch 7.10, ban one of these champs. Generally the importance / urgency to ban goes from top to bottom in this list:

  • Yasuo Top
  • Fiora Top
  • Darius Top
  • Pantheon Top
  • Riven Top
  • Vlad Top
  • Galio Top

Mid Lane Best Bans for LoL Patch 7.10 – Priority Mid Lane Bans

If you’re playing top lane and want to avoid the FOTM / OP champs in patch 7.10, ban one of these champs. Ban priority starts at the top with the most important enemy champion to ban, going down to lesser priority. Pick one of the first 3-4 champions unless you have a preference.

  • Fizz Mid
  • Yasuo Mid
  • Ahri Mid
  • Kassadin Mid
  • Zed Mid
  • Katarina Mid

Bot Lane Bans for Patch 7.10 – Priority ADC and Support Bans

Includes both marksmen (adc) and support roles for bottom lane.

  • Lulu (Support)
  • Xayah (ADC)
  • Caitlyn (ADC)
  • Maokai (Support)
  • Blitzcrank (Support)
  • Thresh (Support)
  • Vayne (ADC)

Jungle Bans for LoL Patch 7.10 – Best Jungle Bans

  • Ivern
  • Sejuani
  • Lee Sin
  • Zac
  • Warwick

How are the Priority Ban Suggestions in this Article Determined?

This article is based off stats from the current patch: current ban rates, pick and play rates, and win percents. Balancing all of this data with some common sense, years of league playing experience at Platinum level, and info from watching the latest pro matches.. The data is centered around Platinum and Gold leagues but also applies to Bronze, Silver and Diamond.

As mentioned earlier, each list is ranked from top to bottom with the top (first) in the list being the highest priority ban. Of course this is a general suggestion and personal preference and the current game’s situation should be considered. This is why a number of options are listed for each role.

 LoL 7.10 Bronze and Silver Ban List (Smurf Carry Bans)

For Bronze and Silver you may want to prioritize hard carries that a smurf might use to single-handedly carry a game against you.  These are champions that can pentakill your entire team or can easily and unavoidably kill your teammates once they get fed. These champions can get out of control, especially if there is a huge skill differential.

  • Master Yi
  • Fizz
  • Rengar
  • Yasuo
  • Fiora
  • Katarina

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