V Rising Siege Golem – How Many Walls Can a Siege Golem Destroy? Plus More Castle Raiding Tips!

Image showing Siege Golem attacking castle wall from V Rising

Everything you need to know about using Siege Golems, crafting them, castle and base raiding and defense in V Rising! Before you waste your first Siege Golem stone on a failed base attack, check out this quick list of tips and FAQ. Answers many common questions like How many doors can a Siege Golem destroy? How long does a Siege Golem last?

To get a feel for how a Siege Golem attack works, check out the video we made showing how many walls and doors a Siege Golem can destroy in V Rising:


V Rising How many doors can a Siege Golem destroy?

How many castle walls / doors can a Siege Golem Break? Around 11-13 castle doors when they are attacked one at a time, with 1 siege golem and no other assistance. The number may vary up or down by 1-2 door/walls depending on how far you have to walk and how efficient you are at attacking. 

What is a Siege Golem – V Rising (PC Game)?

A Siege Golem is an item you craft at considerable material cost, then control to attack enemy castles and break its walls and doors. Wooden walls can be destroyed with explosives, but Siege Golems are required in order to break into a castle with stone walls and stone-level doors. Yes, that’s right, currently in V Rising the only way to break into a Stone level castle is with the Siege Golem.

How Do I Raid a Castle in V Rising?

You need to use a Siege Golem to break the first wall/door to initiate a “breach” on an  enemy base. After this, you can use regular attacks and explosives to break walls and doors (along with continuing to use the Siege Golem until it’s timer runs out.) A Siege Golem takes 2.5 minutes to summon, then lasts 5 minutes. A “castle breach” lasts 7 minutes after the first wall/door of the enemy base is destroyed, so you will have time to deal more damage to walls with regular weapons or explosives after the Siege Golem disappears. You can always also summon another Siege Golem, though they are costly to make.

How to get a Siege Golem in V Rising? How do I Craft a Siege Golem?

First, you’ll have to defeat the level 48 boss named, Terah the Geomancer. You can track her location at the Blood Altar. She was not too difficult. Then you’ll need to combine the ingredients at the Gem Cutter station. The ingredients for Siege Golem crafting are 200 stone bricks, 200 gem dust, 16 scourge stone, and 12 greater blood essence.

V Rising How long does a Siege Golem take to craft / make?

It takes 47 minutes to craft at the gem cutter station. The ingredients for Siege Golem crafting are 200 stone bricks, 200 gem dust, 16 scourge stone, and 12 greater blood essence.

How Long does a Siege Golem take to Summon in V Rising?

It takes 2.5 minutes to summon it with the item, which is destroyed on use. To use it, place it on your toolbar similar to how you would use a plant seed, potion, or explosives box. 

How Does a Siege Golem Work in V Rising?

After you place the Siege Golem stone summoning item in a free space, it will take 2.5 minutes to summon it. Once that is complete, you’ll have the option to take control of the siege golem using the same button you use to open containers (F by default.) This means controlling the Siege Golem does require one player from your raiding party — it is not an automatic attacker. You will have full control of where to move and what to attack. The Siege Golem has a regular attack on left click, as well as a stomp and a smash attack ability that do more damage in an area.

Can a Siege Golem be destroyed? How do you stop a Siege Golem in V Rising?

Yes, enemies can attack the Siege Golem so you should have allies defending you. Players, defending servants, and NPC enemies can attack the golem as normal, so be strategic with where and how you use it.

V Rising – How long does a Siege Golem last?

It spawns with a 5 minute timer, after the timer it disappears. It will also disappear if it  receives enough damage to break (it has 375 HP.)

How much HP does a siege golem have?

It seems to have 375 HP, applied as a gray “armor” on your health bar once you take control of the Siege Golem. Once that damage is received the Siege Golem will die.

V Rising What does “Castle Breached” mean?

It means one wall of the castle you are at has been destroyed with a siege golem and the target castle will now glow red. Walls, doors, etc can be attacked and damaged during this breach time – with explosives and even normal weapon attacks.


Any more questions, ask in the comments and I’ll be happy to help answer!

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