dayDULL Design Nearly Complete

The dayDULL website design is almost complete. The site is already nearly fully functional and has the basic layout in place. A big thank you to all (two) visitors so far, you are welcome to keep coming back.

dayDULL is using WordPress as its CMS and is based off a heavily modified Mimbo Theme. While I have designed a number of websites in the past, I have yet to use WordPress or any CMS at all to their full extent. This is quite the learning experience, but I am excited to have the design in place and be able to easily add content without worrying about the design aspect.


dayDULL: design in progress

The primary purpose of dayDULL is to share hard-to-find information through articles, and tutorials. As a largely self-taught web/graphic designer and computer-repair-guy (among other things) I’ve been frustrated far too many times by not being able to find the specific information I need.  My hopes with dayDULL are that I will be able to share this information with others as I am forced to learn it the hard way–in the process saving time and promoting this website. Subjects may include anything from converting strokes to shapes in Adobe Illustrator, fixing specific Windows errors, and detailed user-level reviews on specific products. Another bonus from this website will be solid practice with web design and writing skills.

Please feel free to leave any (non-spam) comments or extra related information that come to mind when visiting dayDULL.

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