Team Fortress 2: Headgear Slot Unlockable Update. Scout Batter’s Helmet confirmed in-game!

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Any TF2 player worth his salt has noticed within the past month or two Valve added a Headgear slot to the character setup/inventory screen. Since there were never any options on what to put for this slot, we’ve all been left in the dark.

It seems now, with the Spy & Sniper update, we may get some use out of this addition.

Some forum e-detectives on the official TF2 forums have discovered the following in the game’s files:

“TF_Wearable_Headgear” “Headgear”
TF_Unique_Headgear_Scout” “Batter’s Helmet
“TF_Unique_Headgear_Sniper” “Tooth Belt”
“TF_Unique_Headgear_Soldier” “Soldier’s Helmet”
“TF_Unique_Headgear_Demoman” “Fro”
“TF_Unique_Headgear_Medic” “Medic’s Helmet”
“TF_Unique_Headgear_Pyro” “Pyro’s Helmet”
“TF_Unique_Headgear_Heavy” “Football Helmet” “TF_Unique_Headgear_Engineer” “Mining Helmet”
“TF_Unique_Headgear_Spy” “Spy’s Helmet”

Check for yourself team fortress 2 content.gcf under resources/tf_english.txt.

Link to original Steam Forums thread


*I can officially say I have seen the Scout’s batter’s helmet in-game.*

I just missed taking a screenshot, but other players in the server said they grabbed it and I’m sure these screenshots will be popping up soon. I only saw the helmet once in about 4 hours of play, and only in the kill-cam after being killed by the scout wearing it (though that is not necessarily the only place you see it). The Scout player with the batting helmet did not respond to questions…possibly because he was being ultra-secretive, or perhaps because he was so involved with the game.

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5 Responses

  1. Koolaid says:

    I just got it today completely randomly. I don’t think it has any effect or if it does I don’t know what it is.

  2. Albright says:

    Thanks for the info and screenshot!

  3. kukkuk says:

    Well it is very rare just go kill and you might be lucky :)

  4. calvinteoh says:

    wow team forterss

  1. May 22, 2009

    […] (A special thanks to KoolAid for confirming the Scout helmet in-game with a screenshot posted here on — see the screenshot […]

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