Best MTG Sleeves Ranked & Reviewed! Everyone’s Favorite Magic the Gathering Card Sleeves

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What are the best sleeves for Magic cards? Best price, best looking, best overall feel and texture to match your preference. All the best options ranked and reviewed! 

There are many options to choose from, and they all look pretty much the same when looking at a product photo online, or even through the package in person. I’ve personally bought and tested all the options you’ll find, discussed with many fellow gamers, and I’ll give a quick ranked and organized listing so you can find exactly what you need.


The Best Look & Feel MTG Card Sleeves – Best Overall Choice

Winner:  Dragon Shield Matte Dual Sleeves

(Order on Amazon Here)

When I came across these sleeves I fell in love! The matte texture gives a high quality touch while handling. Shuffling is smooth, edges are strong and protective. Cards won’t slip and fall over on big decks. Cosmetically, what really sets these sleeves clearly above the competition is the dual color. Colored back, but black on the side that faces your card–framing the black bordered magic cards perfectly.

There are a variety of color backs available for these Dual Matte sleeves. I prefer the Lagoon (Teal), Eucalyptus (Sage Green), and Snow (White). All of these colors look great with any color(s) of decks, again thanks to the black side that shows when viewing your cards. Other colors: Lightning (Yellow) and Orchid (Purple).

I can’t stress enough how much of a difference the dual color makes in appearance, and Dragon Shield sleeves match or exceed the quality of any other sleeve on the market. The box contains 100 sleeves, enough for a commander deck, and they also seem to include a few extra sleeves free just in case you misplace one.


  • Dual color (black front)
  • Matte, textured back
  • Clear, glossy front
  • Non-slip surface
  • Smooth shuffling
  • Thick and sturdy, good protection


  • Limited Color Options

Runner Up: Ultra Pro Eclipse Matte Sleeves (Dual Color)

(Order on Amazon Here)

These Ultra Pro Eclipse Matte sleeves are the only other options on the market that have the same great dual color design as the above mentioned Dragon Shield Matte Duals: a colored back and black front. Again this dual color adds a huge bump to the appearance of the sleeves and presentation of your cards. Ultra Pro offers great quality products and has been in the card accessory industry forever. These sleeves are well textured, non-slip, and feel great to handle. The one thing to note about these sleeves is the clear/front side is a little less glossy. I tend to like the look of this, but some people initially say it dulls the card appearance. There are 12 colors available at the below link – more options than the Dragon Shield Matte Dual line of sleeves.


  • Dual Color (black front)
  • Matte, Textured Back
  • Non-slip
  • Super thick and sturdy, good protection
  • Cheaper than Dragon Shield
  • More Color Options


  • Front is a little non-glossy, can slightly dull card appearance

Runner Up #2: Dragon Shield Matte

(Order on Amazon Here)

Jet, Night Blue, Silver, or any of the more colorful options (about 20 to choose from!) I think most people will find Magic the Gathering cards look best when the they are framed by a dark and/or neutral border, which is why I love the above mentioned winner “Dragon Shield Dual Matte” sleeves. However these other Dragon Shield Matte (non “Dual”) have the same great feel and offer a larger variety of colors. If you want something brighter or just to mix it up, try these sleeves. They are very high quality and feel great when handling.


  • TONS of color options
  • Matte, Textured Back
  • High quality Dragon Shield sleeves


  • Front not dual-color (black)

Best Overall Budget Magic Sleeves

Winner – Best Budget Sleeves: Ultra Pro Pro-Matte

(Order on Amazon Here)

These are considerably cheaper than Dragon Shield sleeves.  They offer a similar quality – enough that you might not notice the difference right away. Some even prefer these because of the slightly less glossy clear front side. There is a tiny Ultra Pro hologram on the front of every sleeve, which some people don’t love.


  • Cheap!
  • Non-glare matte
  • Softer feel
  • Good protection


  • Dull front
  • Small Ultra Pro hologram logo on front of each sleeve

2nd Best Budget Sleeves: TitanShield Standard Size Sleeves – 150 Pack

(Order on Amazon Here)

For a little less than most other 100 pack sleeves, you get 150 TitanShield sleeves. Great for sleeving two 60 card decks for the price of one set of sleeves. The quality is not quite on par with the top choices, but they are thick, have a textured back to reduce slipping, and have some reinforcement at the seams that other cheap sleeves don’t offer. These are my go-to when I need to sleeve a ton of cards that will be used a little less. There are 12 colors available, including colors that match the five Magic card colors.


  • A little thicker than other cheap sleeves
  • Textured back minimizes slipping
  • 150 pack – sleeve two 60 card decks
  • 12 color options


  • Edges are a little sharp

Sleeves with the Best Artwork

The above sleeves are the best solid color options. They offer the best protection, feel, and other features, but one thing they lack is interesting artwork. Here are the best designs for sleeve backs!

Do you have a favorite sleeve not mentioned here? Let us know!

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