PNY 8GB Attache USB Flash Drive Read / Write Speed Test Results & Review (Micro Slide Attache)

I’ll get right into it. I purchased this USB flash drive not long ago and was wondering about actual speeds, since I was not able to find this information before purchasing. Manufacturer listed specs are always VERY innacurate/exaggerated, so I looked up some free testing software and ran a couple tests.

It is slightly confusing as to which model this is, since PNY has multiple “Attache” models at each capacity. Specifically, I tested the Attache Micro Slide 8GB, which currently comes in a white and silver packaging. This is slighlty different than the regular Attache 8GB which comes in a black/gold package. I do not know if the difference is only the “Slide” feature, or if the memory itself is different. I assume the internal memory would be very similar if not exactly the same however.

Here are the details on the product I tested with the results directly below:

Product number: P-FDU8GBSL-EF
PNY Attache Micro Slide
8 GB Capacity

Sequential Read: 32.71 MB/s
Sequential Write: 8.227 MB/s

512K Random Read: 34.88 MB/s
512K Random Write: 1.488 MB/s

4K Random Read: 3.777 MB/s
4K Random Write: 0.011 MB/s

read / write speed test results


I am no expert, but I can provide the basics. Great read speed, but poor random write speed.  This means this would not be an ideal choice for Windows readyboost, since it recommends 1.75 MB/s 512K random write speed, or to store and access lots of smaller files. However, this should be a great choice for loading movies or other media files such as to bring from your computer to home entertainment PS3 / Xbox 360.

Here is the link to this flash drive back at Amazon: PNY Micro Slide Attache 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive P-FDU8 GBSL-EF/SIL (Silver)

Hope this helps!

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2 Responses

  1. Kris says:

    i actually picked one of these up at staples for $15 and currently I am running linux ubuntu straight from this flash drive. i don’t have the full benchmarks that you have and can only do a read test, but my results came back at min 12.5 max 35.2 and average 32.3 mb/s respectively… Boot time is a respectable 1 min 20s to full operation. don’t know if this will help anyone either… cheers

  2. MMD says:

    The difference between the white/silver compared to the regular one in the black/gold, is the reading speed.

    Whereas yours reaches 32.7mb/s, the black/gold one gets speed up to 19.6mb/s read and 9.5mb/s write using the same CrystalDiskMark application.

    FD8GBA3M3-EF –

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