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LoL Patch Schedule & Server Downtime News (Updated for 2024!) How to Know Ahead of Time! Best Sources: Twitter, Reddit, Riot for League of Legends Maintenance

Know if LoL will go down tonight! The best sources for the most advance notice of League of Legends server maintenance and downtime! Will LoL servers go down tonight? Tomorrow night? When is the next LoL Patch? All Answered!

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Teemo Top LoL Matchup Guide: Complete Laning Strategy, Tips, Counters & Item Builds – League of Legends

Teemo top lane matchup strategy guide, with specific strategy and build for every champion you’ll match against. Current for LoL Season 12 2022. Load up this guide during champ select and learn or refresh in 30 seconds before the match starts! Answers: Who does Teemo counter? Who counters Teemo? Best items for Teemo, Teemo Build Order, Runes, and more!