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Witcher 3 Video Card Buying Guide 2

The Witcher 3 Video Card Recommendation List: Review of the Best Value and Performance (Under $150, $200, $250, $300, etc)

The best value and performance buys in graphics cards specifically for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is broken down into common price ranges and budgets (best video card under $150, $200, $250, $300, etc) and also covers recommended graphics quality, video and resolution settings that are specific to your computer and this game. It is current and updated for active rebates and sales!

Homedics Shiatsu Neck Massager 1

Review: Homedics NMS-350 Shiatsu Neck Massager

Exclusive Review from A Real User of the Homedics NMS-350 After one too many mornings and nights of neck pain, caused by long hours at a computer desk (or the occassional all-night gaming/working session),...

Logitech Z5500 5.1 Speakers Review 1

Review: Logitech z5500 5.1 PC/Home Theater Speakers

I am a gamer and love music so having surround sound, good balanced music quality (though certainly not audiophile level) and connection options are important. If this sounds at all like your situation, or even if it doesn’t, read on–you will find some valuable insights from someone who has used the system daily for almost 2 years.