Adobe Illustrator CS3 (and CS2) Error: “An unknown error has occured” when attempting saving

Adobe Illustrator Error When Saving SOLVED

This error affects users of Adobe Illustrator CS2, CS3, and possibly other versions. I can find no mention of the problem occuring for Illustrator CS4 users so it may very well have been fixed in the newest version. This article will provide explanations and troubleshooting for the question “Why do I get the error message “An unknown error has occured” when trying to save in Illustrator?”

This error message appears when you attempt to save your work as the native .ai file type (and in some situations also as other file types). After choosing your file name, then confirming your final save options, you receive the below error message and your work is not saved.

“An unknown error has occured.”01

Now for the causes and solutions and fixes:

  • In my case, this problem was a result of the Microsoft Zune Mp3 player software being installed. The problem does not appear before the Zune software is installed and does not appear after it is uninstalled. To fix this problem, you will need to uninstall the Zune software or upgrade to Illustrator CS4. Unfortunately this is the only solution.
  • Other fixes:
  • Uncheck “.pdf compatible saving”
  • Hide all layers before saving
  • Save as an alternate file format other than .ai — try .eps or .swg

Please see my other article, also covering this subject (more focused on the Zune and Illustrator software conflict) here: Zune Software (2.5 to 3.x) conflicting with Adobe Illustrator CS2 and CS3

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5 Responses

  1. Brice M says:

    I got the same error while saving, even using CS4 and without any other software running! Unchecking “.pdf compatible file” solved the problem— perhaps because I had linked to PDF images within my Illustrator document?

    Thanks very much for the help!

  2. Syeeed says:

    Thanks a lot.Unchecking PDF compatible file solved my problem.
    Another problem is really sucking me.I can’t see any “Font’s Name” in character Drop down menu.
    Please let me know if you have any solution for this.
    Want to mention:Yesterday I reinstalled Windows 7 in my computer.Mistakenly I gave “Bangla ” as main language.Is it causing to hide all English fonts?
    Please let me know

  3. purbo says:

    hide all layer and Uncheck “.pdf compatible saving” FIX the problem…… THX you so much!

  4. MJ says:

    Where do you find the box to uncheck “pdf compatible saving”?

  5. MJ says:

    Trying to open a document with this problem in CS4 doesn’t work. A message about couldn’t complete preview comes up. Opening in CC64 works but the same saving problem is still there.

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