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  1. User says:

    None of these solutions worked for me! Also, there’s no way to contact eBay without a login! Very frustrating.
    Solution 2 – As of May 11, you ‘re not able to add back in you Verisign Security Token information – only mobile numbers.

  2. daydull says:

    @User: Interesting, that must be a very recent change as the article was written only a couple weeks prior. I had added the key back into my PayPal account at that time, as mentioned that fixed the issue for me. How did you end up resolving the issue for yourself?

  3. Stephane Durand says:

    I try everyting and nothing work :(

  4. ian says:


    I tried all the solutions above and none work,and Ebay Support is completely useless, they really don’t know what’s going on.
    Any other suggestions ?

    Thank You

  5. daydull says:

    @ian Is it still not working for you? Sometimes it just takes some time for eBay to fix their own server issues. Have you tried using a different computer or device (like a smartphone web browser instead of a desktop computer?)

  6. Stavros says:


    I tried all above solutions, via smartphone and other desktop computers. I receive the same error since August 2017.
    “You have encountered an internal error. Please try again later.”
    As describes Ian, Ebay Support do not know how to resolve the problem.

    Recently I resolved the e-mail below from E-bay:

    “Thanks for using 2-step verification when you sign in to eBay. With your help, we’ve been able to give your account a higher level of security.
    From 30 May, 2-step verification can only be done with your phone. Your token won’t work anymore.
    You can still use 2-step verification by receiving a text or phone call with the security code.”

    I hope with this change, Ebay will resolve our problem.

  7. Bryan says:

    I have no phone so cant do the sms route. I tried entering my home phone and it came back saying a code has been sent. Now every time i try to login I get that page saying a code has been sent.
    Cant get past it.

  8. loo says:

    yep, that was it, the paypal token. Thanks. Ebay didnt have a clue, been on to cust svc thrre times today trying to login. Then I told them to look at the paypal token which I revoked recently. That was it!

  9. JAY says:

    I still couldn’t figure it out. I called ebay customers several times, and PayPal customer service several times, but it didn’t work. What am I supposed to do?

  10. jkxss says:

    I found the answer – it is turn off eBay’s two-step-verification that you have enabled (most likely on your eBay phone app). I figured it out after reading the six-digit security key had to do with two-step-verification and then connecting the dots and remembering I enabled two-step-verification on the eBay app.

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