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Answered: What does the Send Summon Sign setting do in Elden Ring?  Should you enable or disable it for co-op or PVP? Here you will find this setting quickly explained, in detail!

The setting’s description is strangely worded because the name of the setting and it’s tooltip at the bottom seem to state opposite effects. When writing this short article, I had to triple check every time that I was explaining it correctly. Not ideal for what should be a simple setting. Basically, if you want to understand this setting correctly, completely ignore the name of the setting (Send Summon Sign) and just go by what the tooltip says. So,

Best Explanation: do you want to enable or disable what the TOOLTIP says?

The tooltip is the correct explanation: enable or disable the following: “Block your summon sign in worlds with adversaries present.” Ignore the name of the setting and just read the tooltip.

  • Disable the setting to allow your summon sign to appear in worlds with adversaries (PvP invaders.)  (This is the default.)
  • Enable the setting to block your summon sign in worlds with adversaries (PvP invaders) present.

What is the point of the Send Summon Sign setting?

Setting it to “Enable” means you can’t be summoned to help friendly players fight off PvP invaders. To say it another way, when set to “Disabled,” other players can summon you for help if they get multiplayer-invaded (but only if you have used an item to place your summon sign.)

This setting doesn’t necessarily block all PvP however: you may still be invaded in your own world, and if you intentionally use specific in game items you can still be summoned to help others PvP in their world.

If I want to summon help or get summoned for Co-op, should I enable or disable “Send Summon Sign”?

To keep your multiplayer options as open as possible, you should leave this setting on Disabled. Yes the name of the setting is confusing. It should be called something like “Do you want to get summoned to help others survive PvP invasions?”

Should I enable or disable Send Summon Sign for PvP, Co-Op etc?

My recommendation would be to leave it at the default disabled setting. That means you may occasionally be summoned to help another player fight other players (more PvP.) However if you dislike fighting other players and just want to engage in jolly cooperation to help friends or random players beat the game, then you should set it to Enabled.

One big reason I could see for changing this to enabled instead of the default is if you find other players are constantly summoning you to help fight off their invaders, then sending you home once the danger is passed. That could get annoying if you only want to fight bosses or just do some fun PvE farming with another player.

Note that this setting won’t affect you if you are the one invading other player’s games.

What is the default setting of Send Summon Sign in Elden Ring?

The default is “Disabled.” That means you may be summoned to help another player fight off a PvP invasion.

Did I get something wrong? Please post any extra information or corrections in the comments below. I can’t be more excited to explore the world of Elden Ring and hope to see you out there!

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3 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    So for some reason I can’t summon or be summoned by anyone, with or without a password. I can see bloodstains, I can see messages people leave, and my messages frequently get appraised. Internet connection is good. But when using the remedy finger, no signs pop up. And when leaving my sign, I don’t get summoned. This all worked for the first 3 days ER was released, but for some reason I haven’t been able to participate in any co op for the last few days. Any thoughts? It’s really annoying, I have no idea whats going on.

  2. Souff says:

    I have the exact same problem, have you tried playing with a friend ?

  3. daydull says:

    @Alex – My first guess is to check if you set a multiplayer password under the Multiplayer menu. That would create the results you mentioned — you would only see summon signs from people who have the same password set. I’m not sure if its possible to have a space character in there that would be invisible, but maybe something to check.

    You could also try setting up the DMZ on your router, or plug your PC/console directly into your modem (bypassing any router you might use) to ensure you have an open NAT status.

    Another solution to help with multiplayer settings is to set your DNS to use Google’s public DNS. Seems to help some people, though maybe not with the specific issue you mentioned.

    Not sure if these will fix the issue but they are some things to try at least.

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