HoN Gladiator Guide – Heroes of Newerth Strategy, Item & Skill Builds for Gladiator

Heroes of Newerth Tips & Strategy

The Gladiator is a newly added Strength Carry Hero on the Legion side. He is a solid hero with some great synergies with true damage splash bonus from his autoattack! The Gladiator was Kunkka in DotA and was ported over in July 2010. Below is a Skill Build, Item Build, and Quick Gameplay Tips to get you started!

This guide and guides/builds for ALL HoN heroes is also found in our single-page guide. It is 100% updated for the most recent patch.

The Gladiator

Hero Role: Ganker, Carry, Initiator • Lane: Top or Bottom

  • Item Build

    • Start: 3x Minor Totem >> Crushing Claw >> 2x Runes of Blight >> Health Potion
    • Core: Power Supply >> Marchers >> Fortified Bracelet >> Ghost Marchers >> Riftshards
    • Luxury: Shrunken Head >> Savage Mace
    • Alternative: Assassin’s Shroud
  • Skill Build

    • 1 – Flagellation
    • 2 – Pitfall
    • 3 – Flagellation
    • 4 – Pitfall
    • 5 – Flagellation
    • 6 – Call To Arms
    • 7 – Flagellation
    • 8 – Pitfall
    • 9 – Showdown
    • 10 – Showdown
    • 11 – Call to Arms
    • 12 – Pitfall
    • 13 – Showdown
    • 14 – Showdown
    • 15 – Stats
    • 16 – Call to Arms
    • 17 + Stats
  • Quick Hero Overview

    • Gladiator has some interesting synergies with items thanks to his Flagellation ability. Riftshards can give AoE True Damage crits, which is amazing! Assassin’s Shroud can help you get into position before initiating and the bonus damage also applies to Flagellation’s splash!
    • Call of Arms, your Ulti, should be timed so you and your teammates can take advantage of the 5-7 seconds of (temporary) half damage. I’d generally recommend using it a couple seconds after a team fight begins if possible. This also will also help ensure the stun and AoE magic damage hits.
    • Showdown is great for ganking and chasing once it gets to lvl 3-4. Cast it on a fleeing hero then cast Pitfall on the Colosseum when there is about 1 second left on the Showdown Time. The target will be teleported back to the Colosseum, then immediately hit by Pitfall and slowed!
    • When not using the Showdown/Pitfall combo, be sure to lead Pitfall for the 2 sec delay.
    • Flagellation will help with last hitting and harass.

This guide and guides/builds for ALL HoN heroes is also found in our single-page All-Hero Guide on this Website – CLICK HERE

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