LoL 7.13 Bans: OP Picks this Patch / Meta in League of Legends (July 2017)

LoL Bans 7.13 Priority Top Bans Ranked

The must-ban champions this patch (7.13) in League of Legends. If you’re a bit rusty or just haven’t played much this patch, find who to ban in LoL patch 7.13 here! Patch 7.13 – early part of July 2017.

The listed champions are based off of patch 7.13 aggregated stats, viewing of LCS / LCK pro plays, Twitch pro streams, and experience in game.

Recommended Bans for Patch 7.13 Overall:

Listed in a loose order of most important ban at the top to lesser importance toward the bottom.

  • Zac (Jungle)
  • Fiora (Top)
  • Caitlyn (ADC)
  • Yasuo (Top/Mid)
  • Kassadin (Mid)
  • Lulu (Support)
  • Nunu (Jungle)
  • Malzahar (Mid)
  • Pantheon (Top)
  • Blitz (Support)
  • Jarvan (Top)

Smurf Carry Bans for Bronze / Silver / Low Gold

These are generally snowball champs that can get fed and completely dominate a game. Smurfs who have created new accounts or are playing on somebody else’s account will often pick one of these champs in order to carry a game against lesser skilled players.

They can possibly even 1 vs 5 at some point in a game, or at least completely dominate their lane to become extremely strong. If nobody on your team is picking these champs, you may want to ban them to avoid a smurf on the enemy team picking one

  • Yasuo (Mid / Top)
  • Fiora (Top)
  • Caitlyn (ADC Marksman)
  • Twitch (Jungle)

Questions, comments and discussion are always welcome in the comments section below!

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    Yes, I m aware that it was a decision that the devs made. And I know in what modes bans happen. I m saying that this doesn t have anything to do with DotA. You said that bans exist in LoL because they exist in DotA. If this was true, they would have existed right away in LoL. I m saying that they exist in LoL because there is a need for them to exist in LoL. This reason has nothing to do with DotA. KAI Nov 2 ’12 at 19:16

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