LoL Dominion – Common & Recommended Bans for Draft Mode (Spring and Summer 2012)

LoL Dominion Mode Bans and Picks

Who should you ban in Dominion? Here is a ban list of the currently recommended champions to ban in League of Legends Dominion Draft Mode – and why they are recommended. Using this list will prevent teammates raging because you selected bad bans, and will help create a balanced game because there are quite a few overpowered and unbalanced champions in Dominion.

Recommended Bans

All of these should be completely acceptable in any situation — no teammate should ever rage at you for banning these champions:

  • Rammus – fast move speed to backdoor, and he is also so tanky that he is nearly unkillable, which lets him defend towers forever, or tank tower fire when taking the enemy point
  • Shaco – extremely high damage and very slippery unless your team has several good stuns or other crowd control spells
  • Jax – when Jax gets farmed he is nigh unkillable – and in Dominion the farm is basically automatic. He is very tanky and has high sustained damage output — he can feasibly take out an entire enemy team by himself
  • Wukong – has a great initiate, escape, and great utility with his ult. Combined with high damage output and fairly tanky and he is a very strong dominion champ
  • Poppy – super high burst damage and invincibility with her ult means she can dive into any tower and take out one or two squishy casters or carries – the only response is to try to run away.
  • Pantheon – tanky, high damage, and can jump halfway across the map with his ultimate, which can help defend or take a tower that otherwise would be too far away.

    Ban List for Dominion Games

Situational Bans

These are bans that should only be picked if you have a specific reason to do so:

  • Malzahar – a strong bottom lane pusher, only ban if you have a very weak bottom lane pusher (or if someone on your team is picking another strong lane pusher and wants to try to dominate)
  • Heimerdinger – probably the strongest bottom laner in dominion – with his unstoppable lane pushing and harrasment – smart turret positioning will make him a nightmare for the opposition
  • Shen – a very rare usually unnecessary ban. He can be very tanky and can teleport across the map to help take or defend a tower, but really not needed to be banned. He could be an option if your team wants to pick several of the above mentioned heroes however.

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