The Best Black Friday HDTV Deal for 2012 (Budget HDTV 32″)

Black Friday HDTV Deals

Black Friday officially starts in only a few short hours. After scouring the ads released by retailers and the resulting compilations by dedicated customers, I’m willing to share my pick as the best budget HDTV deal of Black Friday 2012.

Check the current price of this deal here: Haier 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV

Without a doubt there are a small handful of other good budget deals out there this year, but this one manages to break the sub-$100 barrier. Although it’s an off brand, and you should not expect this TV to last for 10 years or have amazing quality, this is perfect for a secondary bedroom or work0ut room TV, a kid’s TV, or for those few of you out there who still need to upgrade from an old tube set.

All other notable deals for 32″ tv’s this year are still around the $150 price range. That’s a great price too, which just makes this Haier deal at Amazon’s website look even better.

How to Get This Deal:

Unfortunately this product won’t have a large stock so only the dedicated will take advantage of this price. After watching how Amazon has handled the deals so far this year, here’s what you should do to maximize your chances of getting this:

  • Keep checking the link for this product on amazon manually to check the price. (See below for link)

  • The standard price is showing as about $180 right now. If you see the $97 price, add it to the cart and purchase immediately

  • Follow Amazon on Facebook. They posted their previous hdtv deals ONLY on their facebook status shortly before they went live.

Link to the HDTV Deal:

Unfortunately this is one of the deals that is not displayed on Amazon’s website. Nobody knows when it will go live; at this point all we can do is continue to check the price. Below is the link to the product, if you see it at $97, be sure to purchase it immediately because it will go quick!

$97 Deal: Haier 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV


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