HoN Heroes of Newerth Tips & Strategies – Hero / Character Guides & Item Builds

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  1. DamageInq says:

    For Ophelia:

    Wolf Commander has damage aura, not catman.

    For Tempest:

    Mention jungling. Tempest is one of the best choices for early jungling. Can jungle at lvl 1 to farm port key in 8 minutes.

  2. Lolo says:

    Nice guide, i´ve using it for a long time it´s very helpful, especially if you are learning… only wish to see more about corrupted!! =)

  3. Harrayy says:

    Zephyr is a Melee-Agility Hero, not int

  4. Discharge says:

    Nice guide, but for Pharaoh you say needs mana regen early on, but for items u dont mention even 1 mana regen item for the entire game if we dont count frostfield.. Ring of the teacher at the start works for phara.

  5. Douglas says:

    In Magebane, is it really Stout Shield? Or is the new one, Iron Buckler? I’m confused lol

  6. Albright says:

    Sorry, I believe that would be Iron Buckler. I’ll get that fixed in the next update to the guide. Thanks!

  7. st3min3m says:

    on thing about the ulti with behemoth if you are ina team that concedes dont disconnect right away wait until all are in base and use it when like 3 heroes nd 3000 creeps are ul get like 10k gold hehe
    i kiiled pyro with the ulti only took 1300dmg or so cause of what 30 creeps :P

  8. Doctor says:

    To be honest with you, Glacius’s Glacial Downpour is ridiculous at any point except very late game. If played correctly, it wipes entire teams during a gank. I usually just get a Staff of the Masters and a Shrunken Head. I would Tundra Blast one, then pop Glacial Downpour. The magic immunity from Shrunken Head would stop then from stunning you out of it, and all they can do is run, but with the Tundra Blast slow, they can’t get out fast enough.

  9. bob says:

    You say get timeleap when ever possible for Chronos but Isnt it more logical to take Rewind early game when you’re at your most vunerable?

  10. Albright says:

    Its an option, however timeleap will help you chase and escape whereas rewind may or may not help you and if you are getting hit may not even fire off. IMO timeleap is much more useful, far more often

  11. Tobias says:

    Hi. Does even pro use this kind of stuff? Just wonder curs many say that you buy wrong, don’t know. help please :)

  12. Albright says:

    Re: tobias – this guide is a starting point as mentioned. There are many other completely viable item builds and strategies, which will change depending on skill level and the opponent’s hero picks. A pro probably wouldnt need to refer to this guide anymore, they would know instinctively. However until you’ve played dozens and dozens (perhaps 100+) games, or have played each character a few times, this guide is an extremely valuable resource.

  13. Connor says:

    I have posted these on my website(i have added your name for info), because these info are the best for beginners. i used it and now im getting very good ( predator 19-0)

    Thank you for all your effort in these Guides

  14. Albright says:

    Thank you. Please contact me before posting anything for permission. Be sure to include a link to http://daydull.com wherever you share the guides as it took many hours to write them. Thanks!

  15. allen says:

    Dude you rock who ever made this website ^_^

  16. Outgang says:

    This tutorial is helped me ALOT in past months so I have to give some props to the writer or it!

  17. ExStormZ says:

    wouldnt jerry need alot of mana regen items since he’s gonna heal allies and himself for early games?

  18. Allen says:

    Ok jerry also need protective like a tank

  19. mynameisno says:


    Sac stone is waste, dont need mana regen and may aswell go straight for Heart

  20. Matt says:

    Please add deadwood soon!!!
    i really need an item guide on him.

  21. Nefairious says:

    SO…… just my opinion…. i feel the build set up for witch slayer is basically wrong. :D

    1. graveyard
    2. mana drain

    This is to spam your graveyard, if you play witch slayer right, you shouldnt have to return to the fountain to heal and regen mana. If you want to, you can get your mana drain up to 2 for a much greater portion of mana.

    3. graveyard
    4. mini
    5. graveyard
    6. silver bullet
    7. mini
    8. graveyard
    9. mini
    10. mini
    11. silver bullet
    12. mana drain
    13. mana drain
    14. mana drain
    15. skills
    16. silver bullet
    17.——>25. Skills

    For most of the other heroes, thanks for the help


  22. chris says:

    @ Matt:
    I agree, some guides about deadwood would be great. Can’t find him here and in best picks list…

  23. Sean says:

    Accursed does not need tank items. You are a babysitting hero you make sure whoever is in ur lane gets farmed and un hurt. Get bottle plated greaves mana battery nonstop wards astrolabe and nomes wisdom. That is all you will need to successfully protect and heal any ally in almost all teamfights.

  24. Helzehen says:

    I would have to say that you should add getting the Plated Greaves early for Nymphora would be KEY!
    She can heal all of her creeps with her first skill but if you toss in a big armor buff for the creeps, she’s unstoppable at pushing. You can rack up 3-4 waves of Creepers at a time with full HP to send against the first few towers.

    It may not be the greatest spend of money but it’s saved my butt a few times and let me give a fast tower beating on any game I’ve played with her.

    Overall, Nymphora is a very fun character – Use third skill to stun attacking Heroes, Cyclone for additional and get a few items like Ghost Marchers and such to increase your run speed… you’ll still be rich from Creep slaying but you’ll be able to run in, stun the enemy for your team and get out after dropping your AoE (first skill).

    I love this character, not to mention her voice is adorable – haha.

    Plated Greaves for Armor buff on Creepers and self. (mix this with first skill to heal your Creeps)
    Ghost Marchers for run speed
    Cyclone for additional disabling of gankers
    Steamboots for more run speed or Post-Haste.

    then you can work on some damage if you’d like.. I play her for support and pushing. So much fun.

  25. Zhokar says:

    This site really helped me get into my “HoN Carreer”. Later on you’re experienced enough to adapt these builds for your playstyle, but for a total noob this really helps ALOT. Many builds are not perfect for a specific playstyle or imho just mediochre, but they offer a great knowledgebase to start off with. Thx alot!

  26. gnu says:

    I would like to ask u why u havent suggested Mock Of Brilliance to Pharaoh.. Thats like skipping mock on Zephyr

  27. Iskaral says:

    Great guide. While the builds arent perfect for competitive matches they’re a good basic build set that can be easily tweaked later to fit your playing style and needs

  28. Andrew says:

    Hi there, I am sure it is just an oversight as this is a very useful basic guide. Anyway, you have Abyssal Skull as a recomend for Forsaken Archer. He is ranged and Abyssal only grants lifesteal to melee.
    Thanks for a very cool guide.

  29. Ps7cho says:

    Swift Blade being my first love i feel as if i know him and he works like my mind thinks i would like to add my bit of complaint. if the world of hon is going to be seeing this then they might as well learn it right.
    Your my good friend have it very close. but just off enough that it makes me Psycho.

    first you say “Movement speed is important for your blade frenzy to keep up with enemy heroes.” well unless your going to be getting to a shop between starting items and lvl3 “the first spin level” then forget it.. but most people do not plan on dieing or running back to mommy early on..
    starting items: Marchers “Swiftblade is the only hero that can get these first!”
    Runes of blight.

    fortified bracer
    soul scream ring
    steam boots (Str) for survivability

    Mighty blade, Neophyte’s book, Glow stone (Staff of the master)
    this item is critical to get ASAP! it is your money maker.

    then the Runed ax to farm for..
    Wingbow. the finisher. any thing after this is gravy.

    1.For skill build Always get your spin first.
    2.then stats at level 2
    3.then spin again (now your ready to get first blood)
    4.way of the sword
    6.Ult (any one is dead now)
    max spin and crit now, then the way of the sword
    get ult when u can.

    your job is DPS you get in tear it up and get out!
    in a big Gank after you have your staff u want to ult in and spin out
    if you don’t have staff then run in and spin to get every body around low
    then use your ult to finish the job.

    what you said as his strategy was dead on for a swift without staff but with it you are SICK!

  30. John says:

    Hey on maliken you should not go for elder parasite but i always prefer alchimist bones for double cash income + attack speed then i usually go for runed axe really nice to always have splash then go for savage mace for super damage + stun then insanitarus and then you won the game :p

    gtz. John

  31. Lucina says:

    Where’s deadwood ?

  32. Vandalo says:

    Hey, is it possible that you could put out a Deadwood guide soon, i’ve been playing it a few times, working well with some basic early game available items, but late game im lost

    Please respond

  33. GotNuts says:

    Great website for basic hero recommendations. I suggest adding in Deadwood. Some minor typos on the guides but great effort and help. Keep it up please~

  34. The_Target says:

    hey (:
    u wrote this at malikan:
    You’ll want to be using your attack speed, lifesteal, and CRIT, to do major ranged damage. i cant see any crit in his build

  35. damuur says:

    on warbeast you say “stack lifesteal items”. ive been told you can not do this. any insight? i understand parasite is gross for its atk speed but without the LL is it not better to grab brutalizer first?

  36. The_Target says:

    yes you can, lifesteal melee aura (abyssal skull) stacks with other lifesteal items, so if you’re a melee hero you’re able to stack it :)

  37. damuur says:

    well shit, thanks a lot. ive been skippin the parasite and grabing brutalizer!

  38. Ok for those who would realy like to know the best deadwood build &/or skill build…. i gots it.
    beast items to start with are first….

    iron buckler…. (250) will be turned into helm of the black legion l8er on
    2 health potions ( 100 x1)
    2 mana potions (50 x1)
    and then minot totem.(53)

    middle game ( level about 7-12)
    you should have helm of black
    steamboots or ghost marchers (your choice)
    youll need attack speed so i get electric glove (not sure if thats the name, you’ll know when u see it)
    then start to go for staff of the master.

    L8 game
    U should have staff (rapes the enemy in one hit with ulti)
    boots of any kind ( i prefer steamboots)
    runed axe
    elec. glove and finaly shrunken head.

  39. The_Target says:

    with warbeast i allways get:

    Ring of the teacher

    abyssal skull

    i farm until i get brutulizer then i go kill kongor and start helping my team :)

  40. GotNuts says:

    Is a chipper build coming out? He seems pretty fun :O

  41. The_Target says:

    Get lots of int items, and keep nuking with rockets :)

  42. Heung-Soo says:

    HEy thanks very much :D

    I came off dota but my biggest problem with dota (and subsequently hon) is i just didnt have a good handle on the items

    i mean i knew the BEST one using the +25 secret item shops and power treads and maybe a few other mid lvl items but i just didnt have a good handle on items in general this is SURE to be a help

    thanks a bunch

  43. GotNuts says:

    What about the stat build? Should chipper get stats early game for maximum effectiveness?

  44. zodixe1 says:

    I never use item like that for arachna and i pwn, dont use any item with mana regen and mana potion and take your stats at begining but webbed shot is useful too and lvl 6 take your last skill and gank but make sure that you your aura damage is very important.

    items that you have to buy are ghost marcher some lifesteal and damage item

  45. jomboy says:

    dude.. thanks a lot for this tutorial.. hehehehe
    god bless to you

  46. Joey says:

    Where is Deadwood????

  47. Remenission1 says:

    many of these are incorrect. for witch slayer you should get 2 minor totems (the cheap ones), 9 runes of blight, and mana battery.

    1- graveyard
    2- drain
    3- graveyard
    4- drain
    5- graveyard
    6- ult shot
    7- graveyard
    8- drain
    9- drain
    10- mini
    11- ult shot
    12- mini
    13- mini
    14- mini
    15- stats
    16- ult shot
    17-25- stats

    this setup will allow you to be the perfect mid witch slayer. mana battery will act as a good instant heal because opponents in mid will be using abilities a lot. you use drain on warlocks/archers to keep mana up for continuous graveyard. mini isnt very good at low levels and doesnt do any damage, thus no good for mid style. the excessive runes of blight will allow you to be in the fight until level 6-9ish without running back to base which should get you enough money for ghost marchers (used because of witch slayer’s slow speed of 290 and because of unit walking+short burst of speed) and power supply recipe (you already have the reagents) once you hit level 6 your opponent should be only level 5 (if you’ve been graveyard’ing him and following up by draining warlock’s mana, he should have ran back to base and lost out on exp) and level6 you’ll be able to hit with graveyard, 1 auto attack, then ult and kill without question. (only way to not kill them is either enemy stacks str items for hp, or your against fayde and she’s in magic resist stance)

  48. JP says:

    Reminission’s WS guide is credible.

    Love the guides, buddy, but wish you would update them so they stay current. Had to look somewhere else the last couple of times for guides.

  49. Albright says:

    Thank you for the comment. An updated guide is in the making for Retail Heroes of Newerth and the few missing heroes (Bubbles, Gauntlet, Deadwood). It’ll be posted on this site and a link will be added to this article, so please check back in a week or so!

    For some of the previous comments mentioning that some of the guides are incorrect–I hear you, and on a few heroes that may be correct. Ability/Item changes during the beta phase made it almost impossible to keep up, but now that the game is in retail the new guide I will be posting soon should cover everything and be fully updated for a long time to come. Other than this, keep in mind that there are often multiple ways to play each hero.

    Thanks everyone!

  50. CLoCKs says:

    Could you post the new link or update the heroes? I believe it’s been past a week. Thanks for the great guides though. Helps a lot :D

  51. Albright says:

    The new version is about 1/4 done and what I have right now will be posted within a couple of days. The rest will be completed much more quickly since the tough part is done now. There is a whole new format to the guide that makes it much easier to read and also gives you more information that is more helpful. It takes quite a while to write and compile all the information but the toughest part is already done. Please keep checking back, thanks for visiting!

  52. emersion says:

    alright, good site but your way off about pebbles. first of all you buy the ring of sorcery as fast as you can. not mid game! i would say starting off with three runes of blight and the ring of sorcery begging, but try to get the portal key mid game. if you get it late you are gonna be sooo bad. trust me you want to gank at least before late game probably even late early game. the faster the better. when you upgrade you stalagmite and chuck you gonna be a pro ganker, but skip the ulti upgrade at lvl 6 and upgrade ulti at 9. until 9 upgrade stalagmite chuck stalagmite ect. to get the best out of his str. besides that it’s good.

  53. Quaternary says:

    Hey, very detailed guide. Thanks for that =)

    But I was looking at your Scout build. I find mine to be far superior.
    Get some trees, a hatchet and a shield first. Then finish your sustainer. Then steamboots.

    After you finish your Runed Axe, don’t get Elder Parasite. Your Vanish skill gives you all the attack speed you need. Just get a Savage Mace (Once you get a Runed Axe farming is very very easy). If the game is going really well, invest in Riftshards after those core items =]

    At this stage, you should be finishing opponents off while Vanish’s four attacks are on.

    Just make sure you don’t die early game. Because an eye at any time can be lethal D=

  54. Albright says:

    Thanks for the comment and for your personal build.

    You may also note that this guide is not being updated any more. I have created a new set of all-hero guides on this website (link below) that I believe to be more helpful and is definitely better formatted and easier to read. It is meant for the retail HoN release and is being to be updated for any future changes from patches.

    The link to the newer (and better) version of the daydull HoN hero guide is here:

  55. albright is num1 says:

    no tips 4 new heroes?

  56. Albright says:

    Hi, yes I created a completely new guide, you must have missed all the links in this article? :) Here’s the link:
    New fully updated 2nd HoN All-Hero Guide
    It has all the heroes and I will be constantly updating that guide. It also has better formatting and more information. This guide stopped being updated near the end of beta, so…
    use the new guide! thanks for visiting!

  57. xotsamakkhrab says:

    update new please

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