HoN Tundra Guide – Heroes of Newerth Strategy, Item & Skill Builds for Tundra

Heroes of Newerth Tips & Strategy

What should I buy for Tundra in Heroes of Newerth?

What skills should I take for Tundra? How should I play Tundra?

This is a gameplay guide with item and skill builds for Tundra, a newly added Legion Strength hero in Heroes of Newerth / HoN. Hopefully it will answer the above questions for you! Tundra is a port of Beastmaster from DotA and can spawn two minions for sight and slow.

Also, please check out the ALL-HERO Compliation Guide on this website (includes skill and item builds as well as a short run-down on how you should play each hero). There may be an update in progress on the newest compilation of the guide, so I will post both the new and old compiled guides.

  • DAYDULL ALL HERO GUIDE: Old Guide (95% heroes added, but some guides may be slightly out of date due to past item and skill changes. The above all hero guide is currently being updated instead).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember, this is a guide in progress, I am currently experimenting with this new hero. Some may disagree with what is posted so far. If so, please post a comment and if your comment makes sense it will likely be added to the guide! Thanks!

Tundra, a new Heroes of Newerth Legion Strength hero added in patch 1.0.3

TUNDRA GUIDE – Ganking Build

Tundra is an icy, yeti-looking hero with a large ice club who can summon ice minions and other icy things. Like ice. This build focuses on ganking and damage by using Avalanche’s stun, your minion’s slow, and then Coldblooded along with Elder Parasite for huge attack speed. Other build possibilities: Jungler/Pusher (puzzlebox and minion bonus items) or Support.

Skill Build

1- Call of Winter
2- Piercing Shards
3- Call of Winter
4-  Piercing Shards
5- Call of Winter
6 – Avalance
7 – Call of Winter
8- Piercing Shards
9- Piercing Shards
10- Coldblooded
11- Avalanche
12- Coldblooded
13- Coldblooded
14- Coldblooded
15- Stats
16- Avalanche
17+ Stats

Item Build

Start: 1x Healing Potion, 1x Runes of the Blight, 2x Crushing Claw, 2x Minor Totem

Core: Marchers >> 1-2x Fortified Bracelets >> Ghost Marchers >> Elder Parasite >> (Shrunken Head) >> Insanitarious >>

Luxury: Brutalizer or Shieldbreaker >> Behemoth’s Heart


  • Ganking Technique: Start behind unsuspecting enemy if possible. Open with Piercing Shards (can go through trees). Immediately close distance to hero. Your ice hound should be attacking (slowing) your target too. Cast your ult, Avalanche, when close. Activate Shrunken now if an enemy stunner is nearby. Activate Elder Parasite right as you begin attacking. Continue to chase your main target while your ice hound continues to slow.
  • Piercing Shards–I wasn’t sure about Piercing Shards since it has such high armor mitigation, but early and mid game it will be very useful in ganks and creep farming.
  • Piercing Shards can be used for surprise ganks or for escapes and jukes to disappear in the trees. Only 1 point is needed to tear down trees. You can aim Piercing Shards ON a hero and it will curve to chase them.
  • Constantly use your flying minion, Shiver, to scout and warn of incoming ganks. Use shift-click to queue up waypoints or use the patrol command.
  • Always have your minions up. (60 sec. life, 40 sec. cooldown on cast). Only 25 mana!
  • Use Coeurl (ice hound minion) to slow and chase when ganking and to help last hit creeps.
  • Be careful using Avalanche during teamfights; it could push your team out of position.
  • Explanation of Item Build: Starting build is fairly standard for more HP, damage, and healing. Ghost Marchers to close the distance for ganking and the damage bonus will help. Elder Parasite is KEY – it will be used to get your Coldblooded charges maxed right away and should also help keep you alive and farming. Shrunken Head only required if they have spell nukers / stunners. Insanitarious is easy to build and will give you a nice HP and damage bonus while your lifesteal will help mitigate the HP drain. For luxury, Shieldbreaker’s armor break will increase your damage. Behemoths heart will give you some more damage and a ton of HP regen, allowing you to leave Insanitarious on all the time.

(Other Less Important Notes):

  • Elder Parasite in the ganking build above is key and will synergize extremely well with getting your Coldblooded charges maxed right away on any new target.
  • More mana regen could enable more early harass with Piercing Shards. I haven’t used it enough to see if this is worth it. In this case your skill build would be max Call of the Wild, then Max Piercing Shards (don’t take stats or coldblooded at all early). This would really require both a different skill and item build however. It would probably work better along with a support build.
  • Explanation of Skill build: Max Call of Winter and your Ult first. At level one, you won’t need your minion since it will only be the bird (no damage). You will never want to take Coldblooded early because you will be swapping targets to hit creeps constantly and the bonus will not help much anyway. You are aiming to be leveling up your Call of Winter minion spell first. I honestly don’t think Piercing Shards will be of much use except in ganks and light early harass–In teamfights it will be too slow, and the damage is too low (and mitigated easily by any armor!); you will want to be moving in to autoattack with your minion instead. Piercing Shards will probably mainly be used for a safe distance attack tossed out every now and then when you can’t close the distance for whatever reason. Also use it later on to push towers and farm, but only when you will have plenty of mana for your ult and minions. Note that Coldblooded won’t be much use until later on when you get your damage up and a couple levels into it.
  • You and your minion, Coeurl (ice hound with tentacles) should try to attack the same target whenever possible as you will keep increased attack speed in this way. Be sure to not switch back and forth between many targets since you will lose half of your attack speed bonus charges each time. The charges do add up pretty fast, only taking 5 attacks for the full +100 attack speed bonus.
  • Potential Other Core Options & Notes (not decided yet):
    —Get Shrunken Head if they have a lot of stun spells. Use it when ganking to be sure you can get your Ult/ElderParasite/Coldblooded combo off.
    —Abyssal Skull instead of Elder Parasite (however elder parasite synergizes very well with your Coldblooded bonus to get your full speed bonus on any target almost immediately)
    —Rift Shards?
    —Portal Key? (Only if Ult Positioning can be really effective in trapping or cutting off enemy team. not sure yet)
  • Possible changes to Ganking Build #1 for more of a support role:
    • Skills: Order of Priority: Call of Winter > Avalanche > Piercing Shards > Coldblooded > Stats. (Main changes are taking Piercing Shards earlier for more harass & AOE damage)
    • Possible Items: Barrier Idol, Astrolabe, Portal Key for Ult Positioning to trap enemy team?

Again, please remember this currently is an evolving guide that will be clarified and be more concise and contain additional builds in coming days. Remember to check out our fully refined all-hero guides:

  • DAYDULL ALL HERO GUIDE: Old Guide (95% heroes added, but some guides may be slightly out of date due to past item and skill changes. The above all hero guide is currently being updated instead).

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