[Solution] A Faster Way to Convert Mythic Essence to Blue Essence in League of Legends (LoL)

League of Legends Client showing Mythic Essence to Blue Essence

How to quickly forge (convert) Mythic Essence into Blue Essence in League of Legends so you can use it to buy champions. By default you can only convert 1 Mythic Essence at a time into Blue Essence, and each time it takes about 10-20 or more seconds to go through the process. You have to scroll through 20 or so options, click several times, wait for a long animation to play, then repeat the process. Here is a quick way to convert it all at once!

Mythic Essence is one of many currencies in League of Legends. By the time your account gets to level 30, you should have accumulated something like 30 Mythic Essence. Converting it all to Blue Essence is going to be an annoying process that could take something like 5 or 10 minutes of mindless clicking. Why Riot and the League of Legends developers decided to limit the process to one at a time is unknown. There are already systems in place for forging multiple of other items at the same time, but it’s suspiciously absent here.

Tool to Speed up Crafting, Forging, and Disenchanting in League of Legends

Luckily, a helpful software developer has stepped in and created a tool that will do this and other tasks quickly and easily for you. It’s called “HextechButBetter” and here are its features:

  • Display your current loot (champion, skin, emote, ward, icon and chest type).

  • Disenchanting or upgrading multiple shards (such as Mythic Essence) at once with 1 click!

  • Bulk opening/crafting/forging/exchanging chests and tokens!

So yes, it will also help speed up opening capsules, chests, keys etc without waiting around for slow animations. It appears to pull information from your running League of Legends client and seemingly is not any kind of hack–it just uses the available API for the game.

HextechButBetter Download and Program Information

Here are the details from the Github page:

Screenshot of the description from Github

Screenshot of the description from Github


Youtube video of HextechButBetter in operation

Did this help speed up Mythic Essence Crafting for you? 

Share your experience and any alternative options you may have in the comments below!

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