Should I Power Off My Printer When its Not in Use?

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4 Responses

  1. Charlie says:


  2. alan says:

    But surely the print heads are parked and capped when the power is on. When i turn my canon off from the machine i hear nothing at all.
    The only problems ive had is when its been turned off for a length of time, the print head dries out

  3. jed says:

    Of course Canon will say to turn it off. Every time you turn it off it goes through a cleaning cycle. That means more ink is used and you will need to buy ink more often. Ca-ching

  4. Rich Wokurka says:

    For what it is worth: I owned a Canon printer for years and always turned it off when not in use (after 8 years, I purchased a new Canon Printer-MX922 with more features).

    Being a consumer, my usage of printing was very minimal (I may not print anything for 1-2 weeks). The ink cartridges would last me over 6 months. When I did print copies- it may run into 80-125 pages. Never had a problem-so I think its best to TURN OFF THE PRINTER WHEN NOT IN USE.

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