HoN Heroes of Newerth – The Top Best Addons, Mods, Scripts, GUI, Plugins

Heroes of Newerth Tips & Strategy

A list of the top Heroes of Newerth game plugins to help improve your gameplay and overall gaming experience. Click on each link to visit the website to download.

#1 Addon / Mod for Heroes of Newerth

HoN ModMan – Many other mods require HoN ModMan to function. Because of this, I recommend this as the top pick. You can find many mods that rely on HoN ModMan at the Heroes of Newerth official forum thread here HoNMod Repository

#2 Addon / Mod for Heroes of Newerth

Picklefish Stats – (may required shows player stats in the lobby when you mouse over names so you can judge if teams are balanced. Many players agree “PSR” ratings do not accurately judge skill levels. Even 50-50 autobalanced games may be very uneven. To enable after downloading, place files in <honfolder>/game/mods. We recommend enabling only the key stats: games played, em%, win%, kd, ad, ck/d

More mods to come soon!

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