STILL ACTIVE: Amazon $10 Promo Credit Deal! Buy Gift Cards and Get $10 Free – Ongoing Prime Day Celebration

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Update: This deal is still active even though Prime Day has passed! This is a very easy deal to get, follow the quick instructions below. I have tested this myself and already received both the $10 promotional code AND the gift cards in only about 1 day.

Its as easy as clicking the coupon button on Amazon’s website, then adding the gift card to your cart! Full explanation, instructions, and direct link to the Amazon page where you buy the gift cards here:

Click here: $10 Amazon Promo Code when you buy any Amazon Gift Card Multipack

Amazon is celebrating “Prime Day” with a bunch of deals advertised as “bigger than Black Friday”. One of the deals everyone should take advantage of is you can buy any gift card multi-pack and Amazon will send you a $10 promo code when it ships. The cheapest multipack of gift cards is three $15 cards, so you only need to buy $45 in gift cards and you will get $10 back free. There are no fees, taxes, or shipping costs on the gift cards, so when you spend $45 on gift cards, you will be able to turn around and spend those gift cards with no loss.

As long as you plan to buy something in the future on Amazon worth at least $55, there’s no question you should take advantage of this.

A couple of minor caveats:

  • The promo code will only work on items sold and shipped by Amazon, so you can’t use it when you buy things from other sellers on Amazon.
  • Also, the promo code expires August 29, so you only have about a month and a half to use it.
  • Lastly, you can only get one $10 promo code per person/account.
  • This deal is still active even though Prime Day has passed. You only need to be an Amazon Prime member (or be sharing a Prime membership with someone).

Its super straightforward, you just have to click to the yellow “Click to apply promo code” on the multipack page, or enter the promo code PRIMEGCS during checkout. I’d suggest purchasing the three $15 gift cards, but you can get any value multipack you want. Here is the link again:

$10 Amazon Promotion Code with any Gift Card Multipack in celebration of Prime Day! (Click here)

That’s it!

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